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“Subversives – The History Of The Lowest Of The Low” – Now on Blu-ray and Apple TV

“Subversives – The History Of The Lowest Of The Low” – Now on Blu-ray and Apple TV

Available today on Blu-ray is the Simon Head produced documentary
“Subversives – The History Of The Lowest Of The Low”. It is available at select retailers and all Sunrise Records locations in Canada, The film is also now available to stream or buy on Apple TV.

LOWEST OF THE LOW is a Canadian band that has been together for over 30 years. They held the record for most albums sold until Barenaked Ladies outsold them in the early 1990’s. This is the story of how a band that stuck to their guns flying the “indy flag” until the major labels came calling in the mid-nineties.

It’s a story of tenacity and the will to create art without the corporate fingers in the pudding. This film was funded by Simon Head with some contributions from fans of the band. The making of the film parallels the band’s ethics and beliefs regarding art & commerce.

Blu-ray Extras:
Shakespeare My Butt Song For Song
Brown Hawkins Stanley – City Full Of Cowards
Don’t Call Me A Sellout
Fights Nazis And Other Delights
Greg Broke A String
Lazy Days
Life Imitating Art
Toronto And Buffalo Fans

Director, Producer Simon Head started his musical journey in the early 90’s working for and playing in punk rock/Independent rock bands. The first of many bands he worked with was Edmonton Canada’s SNFU. Touring with bands gave Simon a keen knowledge of how people work with each other in tight confines.

Years later, Simon started an audio podcast in 2014 called Apologue Podcast. A podcast with an emphasis on people and their musical journeys. After 300+ shows, the next steps were to focus on something else with a more focused, visual concept.

After working for Toronto’s Lowest of the Low as their tour manager and sound person, Simon saw a band that had all of the aspects of art, politics and commerce figured out. The idea was presented to Ron Hawkins (Lead Vocals, Songwriter) to do a documentary on them. The idea was prefaced with the fact that Simon had never done a documentary or a clue on how to do one. The pitch was accepted based on trust that the band had in Simon and the respect Simon had for the band. Two and half years have passed and after 35 interviews and hundreds of hours of editing later, the documentary is now complete. The documentary was self-funded and follows the ethical path the Lowest of the Low took in the early 90’s that champions the spirit of DIY and independence. Subversives | The History of Lowest of the Low is the story of how a band stood by their guns and followed their own path to what they consider success.



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