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First Round Of Performers For The 3rd Annual Canadian Independent Music Video Awards, The Show Announced!

First Round Of Performers For The 3rd Annual Canadian Independent Music Video Awards, The Show Announced!

We are extremely excited to announce the first round of artists for The 3rd Annual Independent Music Video Awards, The Show! This year’s event will be taking place virtually due to pandemic restrictions, but that won’t stop it from being an incredible and unique experience for our viewers. Alongside the viewing of Canada’s best music videos, and the announcement of this year’s winners as decided by over 20,000 Canadians, this year’s show will feature prerecorded live performances by some of Canada’s coolest independent artists. The event will be taking place at 6:30 PM ET on March 13th, and tickets are available in a Pay What You Can Format as were hoping to make this show as accessible to all Canadians as possible! For tickets visit

Posted below are the first round of artists that will be performing for The 3rd Annual Canadian Independent Music Video Awards, keep an eye peeled for more performances being added shortly! For updates follow our Facebook event page


Fuelled by the creative inspiration of female vocalists such as Garbage’s Shirley Mason, Alanis Morrissette, and Blondie’s Debbie Harry, Apricity dispenses equal amounts attitude and melody. An alt-pop singer, Apricity released her first single less than 4 months ago and has been taking the world by storm ever since. Her debut single and music video “All My Lies” has reached over 80,000 views on Youtube, been picked up by major Canadian radio stations and news channels, and praised by bloggers and curators around the world. We are extremely excited to be sharing Apricitys first ever live performance with our viewers, where we she will be performing her new hit All My Lies, recorded from Toronto’s Rehearsal Factory, as well as premiering her upcoming, unreleased single with the world for the first time!


Winners of a Canadian Folk Music Award, a Toronto Independent Music Award, the Canadian Songwriting Competition (Under 18 category) and the Slaight Music It’s Your Shot award, Moscow Apartment has rapidly become one of the most exciting emerging bands in Canadian folk and indie music. If you’re familiar with their music, it’s easy to see why! Moscow Apartment is a Canadian indie rock band with folk roots based in TorontoOntario, Canada. Its founding members are Brighid Fry (guitar, vocals, violin; formerly of Kingdom of Birds) and Pascale Padilla (guitar, vocals), with a number of guest players joining them for live shows and recordings. Moscow Apartment’s set will be recorded live from Rehearsal Factory and it’s one you won’t want to miss!


Mountain Head begins with the Hannah Brothers, and a mountain. The mysterious duo wandered through the wasteland and arrived at a mountain, which they scaled. At the top, they discovered a shaman who changed the brothers’ lives and way of thinking forever. Descending the mountain, they channeled Johnny Cash, Flavor Flav, and Billy Gibbons. Dressed in black denim, rocking solid gold grills and long beards, their eyes were obscured by heavy shadows from the brims of their black hats. The most startling change was their music, full of subterranean grooves, plump cavernous bass lines, and a jangly, grungy guitar. Their sound blends psych-rock, alt-rock, and elements of electro-pop and jangle pop into unique and potent sonic concoctions. Mountain Head’s goal is to travel to your city and steal your head by means of mesmerizing vocals and contagious melodies. They’re skull bandits, but polite ones, because after they steal your head, they give it back to you. According to Mountain Head, the only way to hold on to your head is to lose it. Mountain Head will be sending in a special prerecorded live performance for the event, so prepare to have your head stolen!


Queens & Kings is a post-punk garage rock duo from Toronto and is very much a product of fight, a symbol of resilience and an emblem of victory. For 8 years, Brendan and Alissa struggled, with each of their own musical and artistic projects, with their health, with themselves and with each other. From that struggle, Queens & Kings was bornm like a big middle finger rising from the ashes. With the power of all this rage and defiance behind it, this music holds the power of what it is to never give up. Queens & Kings will be sending in a live prerecorded set in from their studio and if you’ve never seen what this band can do live with just two musicians, you’re definitely missing out!


Alex Leggett is an independent artist from Gananoque, ON. Alex is an eclectic and prolific songwriter, known for his strong performances and passionate delivery. ​With over 600 performances in 7 countries and a large catalogue of originals, Alex releases new recordings often and in a pre-covid world toured extensively to share his craft. His music performances have been showcased at Canadian Music Week, Indie Week Canada, Festival of Friends, Blue Skies Music Festival, KOI Music Festival, COCA Regional and we’re very excited to be adding The Canadian Independent Music Video Awards to that list. Alex will be recording a live set from Toronto’s Rehearsal Factory and I’m sure the thousands of people around the world who have seen him perform would agree, it’s going to be great!


Trick Casket is an industrial band from Toronto. Formed in 2019, Trick Casket’s first release “Misery” was created by founder/vocalist Connor Grant over two years, as a means of expressing his battles with anxiety and depression. The project soon evolved from recordings to the live stage with a series of solo performances, followed by a now expanded line up of drummer Ryan Parker and Guitarist Nick Cassidy. within a few months the trio had developed a significant following in the underground Toronto Goth and Industrial scene as a live act, being joined onstage on occasion by Die Mannequin. Soon they were being selected as support for such acts as Skold, Stoneburner and Echo Black. Trick Casket will be pre recording a set live from The Rehearsal Factory and it’s sure to be nothing short of exhilerating!



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