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Best Folk Music Video of 2020, Announcement & Acceptance Speech – CIMVA Recap

Best Folk Music Video of 2020, Announcement & Acceptance Speech – CIMVA Recap

This year Dropout Entertainment was proud to award Noah Malcolm with the award for the Best Canadian Independent Folk Music Video in the Third Annual CIMVAs for his music video If Not, which was written, directed & edited by Malcolm himself.

Noah Malcolm is a Canadian indie-folk/pop songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. If not is off Malcolm’s debut EP ‘ON TIME’, an introspective piece about the mess & magic of coming into your own. Released in December 2020 On Time is a 4-track manifesto on the creative process, exploring themes like patience, trust, doubt and determination. Recorded in Toronto just months prior to the onset of COVID-19, this project would see Malcolm re-learning all the life lessons written into these songs. The new artist credits the extra time and perspective for fortifying his debut body of work with new arrangements and even a new song written and recorded entirely during lockdown. In On Time, Malcolm’s humour and vulnerability are carried by a guitar-pop sound with open tunings and lyrical wit reminiscent of a young Joni; a significant influence for the PEI native. With moments of rock, folk and all the tenderness in between, this concept record is a taste-test for what’s to come from this emerging Maritime artist.

Click to watch the announcement of the award, and acceptance speeches by Noah Malcolm. Keep your eyes peeled for a video interview with Noah coming soon!

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