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Synth-Pop Outliers Sleepkit Re-Emerge for New Music Video “Oxygen On The Autobahn”

Synth-Pop Outliers Sleepkit Re-Emerge for New Music Video “Oxygen On The Autobahn”

Sleepkit is a band who can genuinely be described as mind-expanding; from the nucleus of their songwriting to the texturally-ornamented arrangements, they manage to imbue each aspect of their music with a sly veneer of otherness.

Initially more frantic (and loud enough to piss off their neighbours so much that the working title was “Doug Anger”) the band streamlined a recorded jam, refining the vibe, layering in texture and melody until “Oxygen On The Autobahn” emerged. The title was chosen as a nod to Jean-Michel Jarre’s lush 1976 synth opus Oxygène, after founding songwriters Marie Sulkowski and Ryan Bourne realized it was formative for both of them; a staple for respective family trips – Bourne’s camping off the Transcanada and Marie’s actually ripping down the Autobahn.

With producer Scott Munro (Preoccupations, Chad VanGaalen) at the helm, the track feels juicy and propulsive yet somehow austere – it’s heavy but sibilant, with a driving bounce that lives in a kind of Paradise Garage of the mind; it’s like cruising inside an ecstatic fever dream on a mythical Autobahn.



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