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Song of the Day

Dropout Entertainment’s Song of the Day highlights one awesome independent Canadian musician/band per day, every weekday in an effort to make sure we highlight the music of as many Canadian artists as possible, from coast-to-coast.

The Song of the Day airs everyday at:
10AM, 1PM, 4PM, 7PM & 10 PM on Dropout Radio.

Listen to Dropout Radio

Listen to Dropout Radio at 10AM, 1PM, 4PM, 7PM and 10PM for the song-of-the-day and the secret password!

Use the secret password below to access the entry form, to enter to win, a free t-shirt from Dropout Entertainment once-a-week!*

*Valid for Dropout branded merchandise only. Contest entries are reset every week. Winners are chosen at random. The winner receives a $25 gift-code, shipping extra.
Must be 18+ to enter.

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