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Interview with The Fallaways

Interview with The Fallaways

The band is currently moving locations, from Kelowna to Vancouver. What brought on the move and what does it mean for the band?

After about a year of local shows throughout the okanagan we decided we wanted a change of pace, Vancouver was the option that seemed most logical as we could all get work there and the music scene down there is unreal.

This means we can make our studio dates efficiently without needing to travel from Kelowna, and we can also make the amazing music scene down here our local scene.
Kelowna only has so much to offer for upcoming rock bands.

Kelowna is definitely a unique Canadian city, can you tell me about a night in Kelowna that The Fallaways will never forget?

We played a show with our good friends in The Vidos from Vancouver, I (Jason) had personally been following them since 2012 or so, and to watch them grow into such an amazing band and be able to play with them was awesome.
This was a sold out night at Fernandos pub in Kelowna.

Another day rather than night was when we were first featured on Power 104.. it almost seemed unreal at first as being on the radio still seemed quite out of reach.. Jimmy Leguilloux and Jasmin Doobay have both helped us out a ton and we’re stoked to get some new music to them soon.

What makes you guys want to get on stage?

I think we can all agree that when we’re up there together it kind of just feels like home. Obviously there’s generally some nerves before you go up and such but once we’re all on stage it’s pretty clear that we’re in the right place.

The Fallaways are currently recording your debut EP “Skiddish”, wanna tell us about it?

It’s been in the works for a long time.. maybe longer than we would have liked, but at the end of the day that is what’s going to set it apart from anything any of us have done previous to it. It’s gonna be tweaked to absolute perfection and we’re super excited to show the world.

Tommy Mac, bassist of Hedley is producing the album. How has working with someone like Tommy shaped the sound of the new album?

Working with Tommy has been awesome. It’s a lot different than any studio environment we’ve ever been apart of. The professionalism is almost astounding, and when you fuck a part up.. he’s sure as hell to let you know.

He’s pushing us to our limits and that’s what we set out to do with this EP.

Your bio states “four very different guys, forming one high energy band” how do creative differences between members get solved in The Fallaways?

Things are bound to get heated when you have four guys with different opinions.. but at the end of the day those situations are 100% what make us a better band. Being told something you wrote isn’t good enough isn’t easy to hear, but if you’re in a band and want to write the best music you can.. you’re gonna hear it.

We always manage to find a way to work parts out to a point that we all love them and everyone is happy with it.

Who are some of your favourite B.C bands right now?

Mother Mother, The Vidos, Switch to Black, Kitsune and Living Machines are definitely some of our favourites.

You’re video for “I got you” looks like quite the party, want to tell us about shooting that video?

We honestly just threw the biggest party we could while keeping it under control. Bought a keg, brought in our drummers old vintage car and just kinda sent it.
There were definitely a few hiccups but all in all it was an amazing night and the video turned it great.

Shoutout to Esay for doing the video for us!

A location change and new album is already a lot on the go, but what other exciting things do The Fallaways have planned for 2017?

We have a show at The Roxy in Vancouver on May 12th, and we play the legion in Tofino the night after which we’re super excited about that. After that we’re gonna slip under the radar until this EP is done and than we’re coming out swinging.

Fall 2017… watch out.



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