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Interview with BingeNinja’s Shane Burrow

Interview with BingeNinja’s Shane Burrow

“Look out for the people that are in it for the dollars, because if you’re in it for the dollars you might as well hang it up right now. Be passionate. Be strong and don’t take shit from anybody. Keep your eyes open, and we’ll see you on the road.”

We were lucky enough to have BingeNinja’s Shane Burrow stop in at the studio for an interview. Shane talked about what BingeNinja has got coming up in the near future, the bands push on their latest album Teratoma, the double edged sword of playing a lot of live shows, the ups and downs of festivals in Toronto, their latest music video and more, check it out!  

And if you want to give one (or possibly) all of BingeNinja’s many great music videos a watch head  on over to



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