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The Lottery – the meringues (New video)

The Lottery – the meringues (New video)

“Contestant #2, if I was a guitar solo, what would I sound like?”

The Meringues teamed up with The Kingston Film Office and Make Hay Media to bring the world a really fun new video for their track “The Lottery”! The Meringus are a post-punk group from Kingston, playing hard hitting, gritty music with upapologetically fierce lyrics and catchy hooks. The music video takes place inside a 60’s style game show and it’s filled with great music, great costumes and a captivating storyline. Oh and you have to watch it ’til the very end for the plot twist of the year!

An incredible amount of work went into making the video and it shows. It was filmed at a family owned department store that was a Kignston staple for many decades called S&R, and singers Ted Evans and Amanada Pants got right into all the aspects of building and the creation process with the Make Hay Media crew. If the set looks familiar, it’s because they fully rebuilt the set from The Dating Game!  Evans told us “It took us 4 days to build, one full day to shoot, and one day to tear it all down. Needless to say, this project involved a lot of really hard-working and creative people. The make up team. The hair team. Wardrobe. Catering. The whole thing. Everyone brought their all every day.”

The Coronavirus put a bit of a wrench in things for the release and launch party of the video, but The Kingston Film Fest has found a creative way to rejig how the video’s from their series are being released. “There was a bit of hiccup with the premier. It was supposed to premier at the Kingston Canadian Film Fest at an event with Bedouin soundclash here at a venue called the Ale House. However that all got cancelled due to the virus. The entire festival had to cancel all remaining events including our premier. It was a tough blow, but now that the video is out, the response has been very uplifting. The Kingston Canadian Film fest is hosting an “online premier” and screening all the videos in a row for a watch party type thing this Friday at 6pm. Our video and a couple others have released before then obviously but there are still about 12 new videos about to drop on Friday from Kingston artists and the production companies they teamed up with. Truly an amazing initiative here in Kingston with the film office giving funding to each project. They will be announcing two winners on monday apr 6. A fan choice award and a jury selected award. Hoping to pull in one of those. They also include a $1000 cash prize so thatd be a nice bonus as well.”

If the other video’s are anywhere near as good as this one, that will certainly be a live event worth checking out! To find more of The Meringues music visit


You can watch the live stream here and find more info on voting and the event here

You can also click below to watch an interview we had the opportunity to do with The Meringues about this time last year!



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