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New Ones at Noon E51 (Feat. Radium Moon, Terez, and Alicia Lov)

New Ones at Noon E51 (Feat. Radium Moon, Terez, and Alicia Lov)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E51 (Feat. Radium Moon, Terez, and Alicia Lov)

‘Pushing Daisies’ by Radium Moon

Radium Moon is one of our favourite Montreal alt-rock bands. The trio was founded in 2019 and features the talents of Brandon Muir, Sandrine Chouinard and Raphael Poletti. The two front members of the band were and are best friends and partners before they were band mates and Raphael the drummer came on board – like many great relationships start – From a Craigslist ad.  We’ve featured Radium Moon on the show before. check out episode 24 for the latest podcast interview and keep an eye out for Jesse’s upcoming on camera, in person interview with the band for more radium moon goodness.  Meanwhile Radium Moon has just released their newest single, it’s out now all the places you get your music. This is ‘Pushing Daisies’ by Radium Moon.  For more information on Radium Moon visit

‘Cake’ by Terez

Terez is a indie-pop artist with the pink hair from Calgary Alberta. The artist bases herself between Calgary and Toronto for her work and has been releasing new tracks throughout the pandemic, and she has no plans to stop. Terez is currently working on her new EP called ‘Sad Girl Summer’ and just dropped the first single from the album, it’s called ‘Cake’. I sat down with Terez from one side of the country to the other over Zoom for a chat about ‘Cake’ among other things. For more information on Terez visit

‘Talk’ by Alicia Lov

Back out West, this time from Edmonton, AB Alicia Lov has just dropped her new single ‘Talk’. To date the artist has released 3 singles all of which she describes as a raw retellings of her own emotional journeys. Her new single ‘Talk’, like so many helpful pop songs, is about getting over a bad breakup.  The artist said this about the track in an interview with Remix Magazine.  “This project is about me believing a guy’s bullsh*t when I really shouldn’t have. It is also about showing another side to my sound that listeners haven’t heard yet and I’m excited for them to see this energy.” This is ‘Talk’ by Alicia Lov. For more information on Alicia Love visit To suggest new music for our New Music Mondays Podcast – get in touch Check out more Podcast episodes here



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