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Folk Singer/Songwriter Alex Leggett Releases New Single “Sometimes”

Folk Singer/Songwriter Alex Leggett Releases New Single “Sometimes”

Ontario folk singer/songwriter Alex Leggett has just released his latest new single “Sometimes” this morning. If you tuned into The 3rd Annual Canadian Independent Music Video Awards, you’ve already heard Alex play “Sometimes” live for the world, and I’ve been counting down the days until I can add this to my Spotify. Alex’s songwriting style has always really resonated with me and I think that no matter what point your at with your new life in quarantine, this song is going to resonate with you too. The song talks about that internal monologue in our heads, being hard on yourself while recognizing your faults and waiting for change, something we’ve all had a lot of time to do lately. The song hits you right in the emotions, but ends on a happier note, with the

“Sometimes, I speak nicely to myself,

It’s better for my health,

brings me in from the cold”

Juxtaposing the negative thoughts from the first half of the song. My reaction to hearing the song the first time was encapsulated on film, and when I was editing the awards show it took me back a little bit when I watched it. I just stood there in silence for a few seconds, letting everything I had just heard sink in, before muttering the word “Damn”. I remember really feeling something inside and I hope that when you give this a listen you get a reaction out of it too, because that’s what music is all about. Alex know’s how use to use his songwriting to really draw out emotions, needing nothing but his voice and an acoustic guitar, and I feel like it may have something to do with the fact that pre-covid, he never stopped practicing this craft and touring. Alex has performed over 600 times in 7 countries, his music performances have been showcased at Canadian Music Week, Indie Week Canada, Festival of Friends, Blue Skies Music Festival, KOI Music Festival, COCA Regional and now The Canadian Independent Music Video Awards! Listen to his latest single “Sometimes” below!

(I also want to note that it’s Alex’s birthday today, so don’t only support this great new song, go wish him a virtual Happy Birthday if you can!)

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