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I’m Beggin’ – Queens & Kings (New Single)

I’m Beggin’ – Queens & Kings (New Single)

After a tumultuous year of break ups, pandemics and the largest (and much needed) civil rights movement we’ve seen in decades, Queens & Kings triumphantly return with their second single, I’m Beggin’.

From the opening guitar lick, right to the last note, this song is filled with garagy punk rock goodness. It’s exuding with dirty guitar tones, a pumping drum track and vocal trade off’s that will keep you hooked, and make the perfect song for your last road trip of the summer before fall hits. Also if you’re having any socially distanced parties this weekend to celebrate the last of summer, you’ll definitely want to add this to the playlist. It’s only early Saturday morning, but this track has already got me pumped up for the day. Reminiscent of July Talk’s sound, the song really emphasizes the creative motifs and passages that are made possible when you have two unique and equally strong voices weaving in and out of a well written rock track.

The song was mixed by Juno award winner Vic Florencia, and mastered by Bill Skibbe of Jack White’s Third Man Mastering in Detroit. Marking the one year anniversary of their previous single (“You Got Me”), the garage punk duo had not planned on taking such a long hiatus until their next release.  But one thing followed the next.  Having been a couple with many ups and downs for 9 years, the two decided to call it quits and evolve in their relationship, still determined to pursue the project they so strongly believe in and remaining the best of friends.  Brendan Albert (guitars / voice) moved to Cobourg Ontario while Alissa Vox Raw (drums / voice) remained in Toronto, the slight distance making their efforts a bit more complicated.

As Alissa expounds “The band was born as a kind of release to begin with. A place where we could unleash all of our anger and frustration with wild abandon, so it’s kind of the perfect healing tool for going through our current personal struggles between us, not to mention the world-wide struggles we are all sharing in this year.  As hard as it is to hold onto it right now, it kind of ironically is also essential for all the same reasons.

 The official video for this track will drop in one week’s time and we’ll be posting it here, if you like the track you’ll definitely want to come check it out. And I can’t spill too many beans right now, but Queens & Kings will be teaming up with the Dropout Entertainment team for a special live to air release party in early October, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled, we’ve got something special in the works coming your way! If you’ve yet to see this duo live, you’ll have to take my word that it’s truly something special, a rock n roll spectacle if you will, and if you have seen them live, you know exactly what I’m talking about, and why I’m so excited for this!



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