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You don’t get to choose – Dani Kristina (New Music Video)

You don’t get to choose – Dani Kristina (New Music Video)

Mississauga singer/songwrite Dani Kristina just released the music video for her new soft pop power balled “You Don’t Get to Choose”. Opposing societal limitations, the track explores the power that comes with making your own decisions about love. Kristina has honed her craft and written over 637 songs and counting, so it’s no suprise that this song has some great lyrics!

When asked about the meaning behind the song, Kristina told us “The lyrics for “You Don’t Get to Choose” were inspired by a combination of my personal experiences as well as some of my frustrations and feelings about what’s going on in the world. It’s mainly inspired by this acceptance that you can’t make everyone happy and that people will make judgements that are often hurtful and unsubstantiated. You just have to make your own choices and understand that the way other people feel is out of your control.”

The artwork was designed by TikTok’s @katamogz and the track was created with Grammy-nominated Trevor James Anderson. “Working with Trevor is always a lot of fun. He brings such creativity in the studio, and he really does a great job of understanding a vision and bringing it to life.”

The video features Kristina alongside beautiful lakeside scenery, some youthful co-stars, white dresses, flowers and plenty of symbolism. When asked about the inspiration behind the visuals, Kristina noted “The visual imagery that came alongside this song was created to represent the message in the lyrics. The rising out of the water is kind of this awakening, while the field scene with the girls represents various experiences which then lead to this claiming of power in a throne. At the end of the video, when I return to the water, it’s in the same clothing that brought me the empowerment. So, while I (as the character in this video) return to the water, it’s with this understanding that I am doing so on my own terms.” 

As I mentionned at the start of the article, Kristina has written over 637 songs and counting, so this next news is pretty exciting. When asked what she has coming up next she told us “I’m actually releasing my debut 5 song EP on October 16th, entitled “Aura”. I’ve been working on this for a while now, and I’m really excited to release it!” We can’t wait to see which five of that plethora of music she chose for the album! To find more of Dani Kristina’s music visit



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