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New Single “Rooms” by Your Paris

New Single “Rooms” by Your Paris

Toronto indie-pop duo Your Paris has just released their new single Rooms. The new track is available on all major music streaming platforms. The song explores hiding from your problems in the mutual-comforts of your relationship. Rooms is beautifully written and composed, and a testament to the pair’s evolving, honest, and thoughtful musical journey they are taking together.

There’s something special about a good sad-ish song. Maybe it’s because sad-ish love songs are relatable. Maybe they are relatable because more often than not even the best of us experience ups and downs in this thing called life.

Rooms, the new song by Toronto duo Your Paris is one of those songs that’s perfect for a rainy day or a drawn-out heartbroken moment. It reminds me of the first time I ever loved and how nothing could get in the way of that love, except our own youthful foolishness. Rooms it the kind of song that can help you through a breakup, a broken heart, or just keep you company when you’re missing someone specific.

When you’re in love it’s easy to overlook the bad things in favour of what you think must be good. This song reminds us not to fool ourselves into forgetting that real love takes work and respect.

Nick Babcock and Laila Kharouba make up the multi-genre influenced pop duo Your Paris. Their fresh heartbreak tunes have been compared to Julia Michaels and Scott Helman.

Rooms is a song about ignoring the mess in a relationship in favour of falling back into each other’s arms, maybe more than once, and pretending your shared problems have just gone away. It’s a sentiment I’m sure many people can relate to. It’s easy to get lost in love.

Instrumentally Rooms is a beautifully constructed soft and touching track. The build is a slow-burn but gets going by the first chorus with that solid indie-pop energy. Lyrically the song is just as touching, a little sexy, and brilliantly written. The band attributes the success of their music largely to the honesty they put behind it, while that may be true you can’t look at tracks like Rooms without knowing there’s also growth, talent, and meticulous intention behind it. The cool thing about this band the more I get to know their music is that as approachable as Your Paris is, the two always maintain a sense of a playful edge when they write.

In just 10 months together, the duo has made a splash in the Ontario music scene. They’ve opened for Toronto indie-rock band Birds of Bellwoods, been featured by many media outlets including Global News, and have organically grown their Spotify audience to 14,000 monthly listeners.

I have no doubt this incredibly talented pair will continue to grow their audience as they continue to grow themselves, together.

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