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New Single and Music Video ‘Black Dawn’ by Wesley Attew

New Single and Music Video ‘Black Dawn’ by Wesley Attew

West Coast transplant, Pop-folk singer-songwriter Wesley Attew has a beautiful new(ish) video out for his single “Black Dawn” in leadup to his Debut EP, coming soon.

The video for Wesley Attew’s single, Black Dawn, which premiered on December 16, 2020,  is stunning in it’s monochromatic, cinematic simplicity. Masterfully directed by Jack Madeley, it immediately matches the mood for this dark, booming song with a single shot, a shallow depth of field, on a beautifully blurry cityscape. The British-born, Vancouver-based solo artist darts in and out focus throughout the video, bringing his point with him. 

The song, produced by Jeff Zipp of Light Machine Records, has a blues-y, growly, rockiness to it. It’s a great protest anthem, asking us to “get out” and question the systems that don’t serve us, forcing us to choose the lesser of two evils. Fitting it was released in 2020, even though it was penned back in 2016 when people were voting Trump in and Brexiting out. 

Black Dawn is the third single release for Attew’s upcoming Debut EP “Where Do We Go From Here”, due out this Friday, February 19. 

Click below to watch “Black Dawn” by Wesley Attew, and follow him for more information on his upcoming release! 


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