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I Want It By The All Canadian Soundclash – Dropout Radio’s Song Of The Day

I Want It By The All Canadian Soundclash – Dropout Radio’s Song Of The Day

Today’s song of the day is I Want It, by The All Canadian Soundclash. ‘Brooding, yet uplifting’ are two ways to describe Canadian singer/songwriter Andrew Michelin, and his indie folk alt-rock project’s new single, “I want it”.

The Ottawa-based artist took advantage of our current situation and seized the opportunity to take a deep dive into the hefty arsenal of songs he’s accumulated throughout the past decade or so. “I wanted to see if there was anything worth releasing,” he recalls, “and there was.”

The result is “I want it” — his latest single from The All Canadian Soundclash and award-winning producer and musician Dale Murray who has worked with artists like Joel Plaskett, Matt Mays & Hayden. 

“It’s about never giving up on your desires, and winning the race no matter what difficulties may get in your way,” Michelin reveals. “It’s about finally overcoming your demons, and realizing it’s your time to shine — so let’s get this thing done!”

It’s a sentiment befitting the year the world has had to endure. “Even us,” he shares, referring to himself, Murray, and drummer Jordi Comstock. He notes “We experienced this all too well when trying to record ‘I want it.’” Dale’s studio is in Nova Scotia, and the maritime provinces had their own isolation bubble where nobody was allowed to enter. With Michelin being in Ontario, they had to find a different, more remote way to record.

Murray and Comstock recorded at Murray’s Farmhouse Studio, while Michelin contributed his portions from his home studio. He recalls “I told Dale this was going to work, and it did! There were many audio files back and forth through email so that Dale could splice and mix the tracks together there at his home.”

I’ve been saying this since the start of the pandemic, but I think artists are some of the most resilient people in this whole pandemic situation. These guys prove that if there’s a will, there’s a way, all you gotta do is want it. This is “I Want It” by The All Canadian Soundclash on Dropout Radio’s Song of The Day.

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