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Those Dreams by Julie Neff Feat 3-card

Those Dreams by Julie Neff Feat 3-card

Julie Neff is a singer and songwriter based in Toronto, Canada and she musically tempts her listeners with a smooth acoustic sound layered with rich, compelling vocals. Neff has just released her second single this year Those Dreams, this sexy and beautifully dark track is available on all the major streaming platforms.

It’s thunder-storming right now, in Toronto. It’s dark out too. Stray cold raindrops are sneaking through my open window. It rarely gets cold enough to close the windows. The streets are not too loud considering it’s Friday night – not that Friday night means much to many people nowadays.

According to Neff’s website she is “Inspired by musicians like Leslie Feist, Florence Welch, and Nina Simone” Neff brings unflinching honesty to lyrics, and I think that’s true with this song more than ever. The singer also noted in an interview that she finds writing her music to be a cathartic experience, that helps her deal with the ups and downs of this weird thing called life. I’m paraphrasing a bit there. 

Those Dreams is Julie Neffs newest single and it’s the perfect track to accompany a rainy night or a less than acceptable kind of day. If possible enjoy this song with a dirty martini and sunglasses at night while you try to keep to yourself at an old mahogany bar. Fair warning, you should only dance to songs like this if you’re sure you want something to happen. It’s that kind of song. Just don’t fall in love. Also, I don’t think we should or even can go to bars right now… or dance with people… just drink at home with headphones and hug a body-pillow like I’m doing. I’m just kidding, I don’t drink anymore.

The track has layers and elements that resemble artists from The Eagles to Prince, delivered in a smooth way that has something special to it. Neffs vocals add even more complexity to the song and give it its indie-pop-superpowers. 

Those dreams also feature vocals by Toronto hip-hop artist 3-Card, a talented musician/artist in his own right. 3-Card has appeared on a number of singles as a featured artist, he also had three full-length albums under his belt, that are well worth a listen. 

Those Dreams is a dope track, after listening to it a few times I’ve decided to go for a walk in the rain in a fedora hat and think about some hat stuff. This track is exactly what I needed on this moody Toronto night. The track is available to listen to now on all the places you get your music. Consider buying the track to support the artists. For more information on Julie Neff visit her website at – For more information on 3-Card visit



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