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New Ones at Noon E55 (Feat. Funeral Lakes, Niki Kennedy, and velours)

New Ones at Noon E55 (Feat. Funeral Lakes, Niki Kennedy, and velours)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E55 (Feat. Funeral Lakes, Niki Kennedy, and velours)

‘Solstice’ by Funeral Lakes

Funeral Lakes know that you don’t always have to scream to be heard. That’s a quote from Courtney Heffernan from Exclaim Magazine. The Funeral Lakes duo of Sam Mishos and Chris Hemer are based in Kingston Ontario and their music lies somewhere between art and activism promoting the remarkable lack of real action to battle climate change. The band makes a point in their bio that while dark their music should not be considered ‘rainy day music’ but rather ‘Songs to enjoy in muted horror’. Presumably as we watch the world slowly burn. When you think about it, it’s wild that when a life threatening virus gets out we’re pretty quick acting, so do we actually have to wait until parts of the planet become too hot to live? I wonder if the ocean is still on fire… This is the new one from Funeral Lakes, from their new EP Redeemer, this is ‘Solstice’. For more information on Funeral Lakes visit Bandcamp.

‘Fall Back into You’ by Niki Kennedy

Making real changes takes real work and while we make choices to eat better and exercise more, maybe we can try to make some better calls for the world on which we actually live. While stuff at home like recycling helps, lots of people self included are probably not doing it right – so it also helps to get involved and learn about environmental policies in our political parties – ones that will make real differences on a larger scale. Falling back into old habits is easy, I know for a fact that I use way too much paper towel for one person. I’m working on it. Falling back into old habits that are not good for us seems to be human nature and it’s the theme of the new song by Vancouver based artist Niki Kennedy. I got a chance to Zoom with Niki and chat about her move from New Zealand to Canada, bagged milk, and her new single ‘Fall Back into You’. For more information on Niki Kennedy visit

‘Whatever that Means’ by velours

Velours is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Saskatoon. Her songs are intimate and full of emotion. The artist released her first EP called ‘Identity’ in September of last year and is now following it up with her new single ‘Whatever that means’. The bilingual (French and English) velours has been creating music from a young age and has been inspired by and written everything from punk to indie pop to new wave. This is the new single ‘Whatever that means’ by velours.  For more information on velours visit To suggest new music for our New Music Mondays Podcast – get in touch Check out more Podcast episodes here  



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