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New Ones at Noon E37 (Feat. Mother Mother, Monowhales, and Ethan Torrance)

New Ones at Noon E37 (Feat. Mother Mother, Monowhales, and Ethan Torrance)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E37 (Feat. Mother Mother, Monowhales, and Ethan Torrance)

Out With the Old by Monowhales

Monowhales is an indie alt-rock band from Toronto Canada. The band made a pretty big splash – no whale pun intended – on the scene in 2018 with their break-out hit ‘Take it Back’. The band has played with the likes of Sloan and Mariana’s Trench so yeah, they’re kind of a big deal. The band also made history in 2019 when their single ‘RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)’ reached number two on the Canadian Alternative Rock Charts – the first independent, self-managed band to hit a spot that high. This by itself is a testament to the power of independent media and artists – you really can reach the world in more ways than ever before. The band had just dropped their new album ‘Daytona Bleach’. ‘RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)’ was the first single from this album by the way so it’s been a long time coming and had been much anticipated by fans. The second single from the album ‘All or Nothing’ was released last year, and it’s just a great rock song. End of story. I was tempted to play because I dig it so much. Instead, I’m going to go with the new single out now from the band from their new album ‘Daytona Bleach’ it’s called ‘Out with the Old’. This song is sexy and energetic and is getting me inspired to keep pushing for positive change in the world. This is some rock music. This is Monowhales. ‘Out With the Old’

For more information on the Monowhales visit:

21 by Ethan Torrance

Remember being twenty-one? I for the most part think I do… If I recall I was either an intern designer and a magazine downtown, an Advertising manager at one of Toronto’s most notable real estate companies – I won’t name names, but I was insanely unqualified for that job and my boss just told me to yell at people. Or I was a bartender… I do remember – well I remember some – of my 21st birthday. It was an absolute disaster in the best kind of way and I won’t go into details because I’m not even sure if I’d just be remembering a hazy dream that started in a nightclub. Being 21 should be fun and it’s always frustrating. You can feel like you’re going nowhere fast – even though you have your whole life ahead of you – and this past year has probably made a lot of 21st birthdays less fun and more frustrating. I caught up with Toronto Hip Hop artist Ethan Torrence to talk about just that, and his new single ‘21’ – Here’s that interview. 

For more information on Ethan Torrance visit his Facebook Page.

I Got Love by Mother Mother

I probably don’t need to tell you who Mother Mother is if you’ve been around Canadian music for a while. Or more recently TikTok – but I’ll get to that in a moment – If you’re not familiar with this band they are Ryan Guldemond, Molly Guldemond, Jasmin Parkin, Ali Siadat, and Mike Young. The group has been producing music for as long as I can remember, so yeah about as far back as 2007. The band has had several hits including ‘It’s Alright’, ‘Get Up’, and ‘The Drugs’ – there are more. Now back to TikTok. Back in November the TikTok platform inexplicably produced a meme featuring a ten-year-old and incredibly catchy track by the band ‘Hayloft’. Mother Mother currently has 7.3 million monthly listeners on the Spotify platform alone. The future is both weird and awesome. 

The band has just released a new single – this is the new one by Mother Mother ‘I Got Love’

For more information on Mother Mother visit:

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