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New Ones at Noon E40 (Feat. La+ch, Deanna Faye, and Manny Blu)

New Ones at Noon E40 (Feat. La+ch, Deanna Faye, and Manny Blu)
Dropout Radio: New Music Mondays
Dropout Radio: New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E40 (Feat. La+ch, Deanna Faye, and Manny Blu)

Cüt by La+Ch

I’ve talked about Sideways on the show before. The Toronto based independent music collective that includes some pretty notable artists such as Coleman Hell and Shan Vincent De Paul. Another member of the sideways collective is Coleman Hell’s co-writer; and songwriter and producer in his own right, La+ch spelled with a plus sign. The artist fight gained notoriety with his single ‘You Are My Summer’ – that debuted in 2014. The artist is back with a new album ‘āéîøü’ and this new song ‘Cut’

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Reassure by Deanna Faye

Music played a significant role in Deanna Faye’s life from a very early age. The Toronto artist describes her music as balancing between playful at times while dark and contemplative at others. It’s a balancing act you can hear in the artist’s music. Faye also has a YouTube channel about creating music that’s pretty active. Faye has just released her new EP called ‘Good To You’. This is the first single from that album it’s called ‘Reassure’. 

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Old Money by Manny Blu

If you’ve ever been to Montreal you probably don’t typically think of Country music and neither did Country-Punk artist Manny Blu until he fell into his own after repeatedly being asked by his friends to play country songs. The artist has a flair for sure and his music takes Country music to a bit of a different place. A great place. I sat down with Manny Blu to talk about his new album ‘New Ink’ and his new song ‘Old Money’.  

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