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New Ones at Noon E43 (Feat. Melleefresh, Nate Haller, and Michaela Slinger)

New Ones at Noon E43 (Feat. Melleefresh, Nate Haller, and Michaela Slinger)
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E43 (Feat. Melleefresh, Nate Haller, and Michaela Slinger)

Better Off Alone by Melleefresh

Melleefresh, is a Canadian actress, voice actress, singer, music producer, video producer and artist, also known as Melleny Melody. Her voice acting credits are pretty extensive and, not to mention a bit nostalgic, they include the voice of Cheer Bear on the ‘Care Bears’ Series, a number of female villains in the cartoon ‘Inspector Gadget’ and ‘Star Wars: Ewoks’ – lots of childhood memories to unpack there. In the 90’s the artist legally changed her name to Melley Melody and later started producing electronic music under the moniker Mellefresh. The artist was nominated for a JUNO Award in 2008 for her work on Deadmau5’s ‘Afterhours’. 

I stumbled across this track in particular earlier this week and it’s a cover of what would turn out to be one of the most iconic songs of my twenties. Most of which I forget. This song was originally released by Alice Dejay in 1999 – this is Mellefresh and ‘Better Off Alone’. 

For more information on Melleefresh visit her on Twitter:

Lightning in a Bottle by Nate Haller

Canadian country artist Nate Hallar was born in Waterloo Ontario and from a young age music was already his whole life. Haller has played alongside some pretty notable acts like The Reklaws, and has recently been signed to Starseed Entertainment. I sat down with Haller to get to talk about his new solo career and where he’s headed, and new beginnings. His new single is out now it’s called ‘Lightning in a Bottle’.

For more on Nate Haller visit:

Masquerade by Michaela Slinger

Michaela Slinger is a Vancouver based singer/songwriter whose mother insists she could sing before she could talk. I want to share this part of the artist’s bio with you. This is how Slinger describes her relationship with music, “I lived inside of songs and albums so fully that hearing them today takes me right back: a Taylor Swift song to help me brave the entrance into high school, an Augustana song I fell asleep to every night for months after my parents got divorced, a Rihanna song that swept me up into the collective euphoria of being young and drunk and surrounded by friends in someone’s basement”.

Slinger made one of the bravest moves a young artist can make. She quit a well-paying steady job to pursue her dream and her music. Perusing a dream that fiercely is a rare thing but it’s probably what’s given Slinger the edge to build the fan-base that she has with over 20k monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Her new album is out now, it’s called ‘Panorama’. Slinger worked with JUNO award-winning Kevvy on the album as well as two-time Polaris Prize listed and JUNO-nominated Louise Burns. This is the first single off ‘Panorama’, this is ‘Masquerade’.

For more information on Michaela Slinger visit:

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