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New Ones at Noon E46 (Feat. Save Toronto Music Venues, N0V3L, and Alicia L)

New Ones at Noon E46 (Feat. Save Toronto Music Venues, N0V3L, and Alicia L)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E46 (Feat. Save Toronto Music Venues, N0V3L, and Alicia L)

Save Toronto Music Venues

Toronto is an awesome city. It’s the biggest one in Canada I understand. Is it the best? I think that’s probably pretty subjective. You either live here or you don’t, after all. I have lots of ridiculous stories about this city that I could tell you – very few of which are actually appropriate for this show. I remember the first time they blew-up fireworks off the top of the CN Tower. The time there was a little earthquake a few years back and it was all we could tweet about – as was the style of social media at the time. There was that time the Raptors won and we ALL had a freaking blast. I couldn’t even imagine being that close to that many people right now… If you’re of my inclination Pride is probably full of incredible memories for ya, and maybe some blurry ones.

And let’s not forget to mention the shows. Huge shows, small shows. I’ve been lucky enough to see some acts in this city like nobody’s business. Big venues have nothing on small clubs when it comes to live music. There’s no better way to get sweaty and weird with a bunch of strangers than all enjoying the same tunes while you dance and sing to a song that maybe you and sometimes a few other hundred people in the world know the lyrics too.

I sat down with Ashley from Save Toronto Music Venues – She’s put together an initiative to find as many ways as possible to save venues in Toronto from going out of business. From GoFundMe Campaigns to custom tee-shirts and posters featuring the venues you love, kind-of remember, and will never forget. We speak about Toronto music venue memories, the release of Jagged Little Pill at the Velvet Underground back in it’s Liberty Entertainment Group days, and what she’s doing to help some of the venues in Toronto stay afloat.

‘Falling in Line’ by N0V3L

N0V3L is out now with their debut album ‘Non-Fiction’. The previously Vancouver based band is currently spread out across the Western Province of Beautiful British Columbia. N0V3L’s new album was written between 2017 and 2020 and is described by the band as “11 tracks that function as a treatise on modern existence and the perverse parameters within which it’s experienced.” From N0V3L’s new album ‘Non-Fiction’ – out now on Flemish Eye Records – this is ‘Falling in Line’

For more N0V3L visit:

‘Magnetic’ by Alicia Lov

Unconstrained by a single genre Alecia Lov welcomes the exploration of different styles and jumps at the chance to experiment with different sounds. Alicia Lov is an indie pop artist based in Edmonton Alberta. She’s received some radio play for her recent single and we’re going to give her some more of it now. This is the new one from Alicia Lov, this is “Magnetic”.

For more information on Alicia Lov visit:

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