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Alicia Toner’s new music video “Joke’s on me” out now

Alicia Toner’s new music video “Joke’s on me” out now

Alicia Toner’s brand new music video for “Joke’s on me” is out now and it stands as proof that a video can be conceptual and still remain a perfect visualization of the song itself.

Alicia Toner is a name that some of you may recognize, having made a name for herself with her creative and emotional writing and her debut album “I Learned the Hard Way” she continues to grow and expand her reach across all of Canada. Her newest album was written and recorded in Toronto however she grew up on the east coast of Canada.

Priding herself on her heartfelt writing and her ability to tell touching stories, her music is filled with personal and relatable hardships that she has faced. “Joke’s on me” is no different.

Before needing to read anything about the song or the music video, I knew exactly what the concept was. In a nutshell the video is of 2 Alicia’s, 1 distressed trying to escape a room and the other is a happy Alicia gleefully doing a morning routine and jumping on the bed. Through the music video we see a battle between the thriving and the struggling Alicia. At the end of the video, the house they were trapped in catches fire and only the Alicia in pain is able to escape.

The whole thing being a metaphor for denial and escaping from it. Something all of us can relate to but seeing it visualized so well is emotional and definitely makes you take a step back and think about some aspects of your life that could be causing you heartache. Overall the video was done really well and it got the point across in such an effective and impactful way. One that conceptually, will stick with me.

Toner just recently dropped her sophomore album titled “Joan”; the name her close family calls her, and the album itself is about a particularly difficult time in the artist’s life. Opening up to new levels she never has and letting us as the listeners into these struggles maybe we can also find some sort of catharsis in hearing about issues that we’ve struggled with.

Toner’s “Joan” is out now on all streaming platforms. Go check it out!



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