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If you’re looking for some new electro-pop go no further. TEROUZ’s new video for BIG BOY GAMES out now!

If you’re looking for some new electro-pop go no further. TEROUZ’s new video for BIG BOY GAMES out now!

TEROUZ delivered his signature 80s-90s melodic electro pop on BIG BOY GAMES and it’s a great journey beginning to end.

The Cairo born Montreal based singer/songwriter is known for his electro-pop/rock sound that he developed through his love for the electro-pop of the 90’s to name one of his influences. He calls that signature sound “Hypno noir” which he describes as “a cinematic, muscular sound imbued with wickedly erotic sensations, rife with intensity yet soothing with its pacing.”. A pretty apt description I must say after listening to his newest song BIG BOY GAMES. The music video for the 2021 track just premiered in September.

The song itself tells the story of a betrayal and the eventual karma that comes from playing “big boy games”. The juxtaposition between the upbeat electro-pop sounds and the deeper monotone vocals along with the backup vocals and the lyrics creates a very unique dark up-tempo song that leaves you with a strange sensation inside. One that will stick with you long after listening to the song and will have you coming back for more.

The video pairs along elegantly to the song. Maintaining that same vibe that the song gives you and adds on even more unsettling feelings. The video is the first time that TEROUZ’s illustrations were shown hand in hand with his music and it works perfectly. In all honesty I really enjoyed a lot of the illustrations and had paused the video on a few of them. I enjoyed them that much. Definitely one of the highlights of the video for me personally! The illustrations served as a great visualization of the story that TEROUZ sang about and adds some depth to the tale we’re hearing about. 

All in all the video works amazingly as a means of audio-visual storytelling through the unnerving old location that the video was filmed in, the shots the director planned out of TEROUZ singing the song and of course the illustrations.

While we wait for the singer’s debut album check out some of his released singles and pay close attention to his social media for any updates!





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