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Old Soul @ Gussapolooza

Old Soul @ Gussapolooza

Montreal’s Old Soul performing at Gussapolooza. Old Soul has been making magic together since the band’s formation in 2017. Consisting of Loreta Triconi (vocals), Peter Rallis (lead guitar), Joseph Bottaro (bass), and Ryan Palfalvi (drums), their groove has captivated the hearts of many in Montreal’s underground rock scene. Inspired by the psychedelic sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, they aim to capture the essence of rock and encapsulate it in their music. After years of cultivating their sound live, the independent band ventured to Planet Studios to record their original material. Their sound exhibits range as they move from hard hitting tracks to softer ballads. The band’s passion comes through in everything they play and brings a familiar but refreshing angle to the modern rock landscape.

​The energy between these four musicians can be felt in both their music and performances. Each member adds their own distinct elements, creating a culmination of mind, heart and soul in each tune. Off the cuff and wild, Old Soul is a true jam band that relishes in the freedom that live, improvised music offers. Loreta, Peter, Joseph and Ryan have a bond in both friendship and song. To experience their connection and understanding of each other is remarkable to behold.



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