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Toronto’s Trash Pop Trio MAD ONES Unveil New LP “’What it Takes” on Fortune Stellar Records

Toronto’s Trash Pop Trio MAD ONES Unveil New LP “’What it Takes” on Fortune Stellar Records

Toronto’s leading purveyors of Trash Pop and Garage Rock, Mad Ones, have just dropped their highly anticipated new vinyl LP “What it Takes” on Fortune Stellar Records. This marks Mad Ones’ fifth studio album, set to hit the streets on April 5th, 2024, through a joint effort between Fortune Stellar Records, The Orchard, and F.A.B. Distribution. The album boasts 10 infectious, high-energy tracks, brimming with catchy hooks and straight-to-the-chorus melodies. Recorded with the band performing and singing live in the studio, often with no separation, “What it Takes” captures the raw essence of Mad Ones’ electrifying performances. Listeners can expect a unique yet familiar blend of influences, likened to a fusion of Ramones meets Hendrix, CCR meets Nirvana, or The Replacements colliding with The Kinks. Often drawing comparisons to The Replacements and a grittier Big Star, Mad Ones hails from the heart of Toronto’s Rock ‘n’ Roll scene, delivering tight song structures infused with the untamed energy of their dynamic live shows. Exclaim! Magazine called the trio “Crunchy, garage-tinged rock’n’roll done right,” noting their refreshing departure from the overly earnest indie rock scene. Mad Ones has garnered significant support from Canada’s esteemed media outlets, including The Verge, Indie88, CBC3, Stingray, and Earshot campus charts. With their latest album, Mad Ones are poised to further captivate their expanding fanbase and connect with an even broader audience.

In reflecting on the journey of the band thus far, Andrew DeVillers, the singer, guitarist, and bandleader of Mad Ones, remarked, “We have experienced all the usual dumb stuff an underrated powerhouse of our stature should…slippery steel staircases that go all the way to the top… being told we should have listed “no cats” on our rider…et cetera, but we’ve had the chance to tour with some of our favourite artists, had a lot of fun making records, and feel pretty lucky we still get to do this at all”. The band has enjoyed some unique tour moments, electrifying performances at a rave in Serbia, a roller derby in Alberta, the odd roof top and so many more. Andrew, who also co-manages Fortune Stellar Records with his wife, Shiloh Harrison of HotKid, has overseen the release and/or distribution of albums by acclaimed artists including By Divine Right, Ace of Wands, HotKid, Rusty, The Mark Inside, The Mercy Now, and others. Notably, much of the material for the new Mad Ones album was crafted in Toronto, within the confines of an alley space off Queen St. West, once home to the legendary Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet (known for their iconic Kids in the Hall theme). However, it’s worth noting that two tracks, “Drone” and “Mess,” emerged from a transformative weekend at The Tragically Hip’s renowned Bathouse Studio near Kingston.

For over a decade, Mad Ones have been dishing out authentic, unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll and garage punk, winning over fans worldwide with their infectious tunes and sweat-soaked live performances. Collaborations with members of The Sadies, Constantines, By Divine Right, and HotKid have enriched their discography, while sharing stages with the likes of The OBGMs, Teenage Head, PUP, Rusty, Tommy Stinson, The Dirty Nil, Miesha & The Spanks, and many others have solidified their status as a formidable force in the music scene. Here Comes The Flood Magazine from The Netherlands praised the band as sounding like “Big Star by way of The Replacements”. Mad Ones deliver a rollicking good time while exploring themes of longing and heartache. In support of their latest release, Mad Ones will embark on a tour across the UK and Canada this Spring, bringing their electrifying live performances to fans old and new alike.



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