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Francesca Panetta @ Gussapolooza

Francesca Panetta @ Gussapolooza

Francesca Panetta performing live at Gussapolooza. Toronto, Ontario’s Francesca Panetta is an old soul who grew up listening to music that was loved by her older-than-average parents, which meant she was introduced to artists that most other kids her age had never heard of. As a result, Francesca gathers inspiration from artists spanning anywhere from Billy Joel to Harry Styles. As well as acts like Lake Street Dive and Kodaline to name a couple in between. Looking back, Francesca sparked an interest in music from a young age, and evolved to release her debut EP, When the Sunshine Rains, in 2021. She has since released a series of singles, looking to develop and play with her alt-pop/folk sound. In two years, Francesca has come so far as to headline her first music festival. Going forward, With the release of her upcoming single, September Weather, Francesca states that “this song is the beginning of a new sound” in her music. Her roots will remain, with a transition into a more avant garde, psychedelic, orchestral jazz sound. All while remaining strong in her messages of mental health awareness. Francesca’s artistry is a reflection of her environment, manifesting in her music, inviting her audience to explore the complexities of life with her. In such a brief period, she has accomplished a great deal, making her an artist to be watched closely. 



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