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Interview With Life Like Fire

Interview With Life Like Fire

I’m really intrigued by the influences you have posted on your facebook page. You list “probably alligators”, “Metallica when Dave Mustaine was still there”, and “taco cupcakes” as just a few of your many influences. What about each of these things really influences you?

Lol nothing about any of those things are influencing, but if we needed to give you reasons alligators are pretty inspiring, it’s because they’re living dinosaurs and they have snappy teeth. Metallica without Dave Mustaine is not Metallica. We dunno what taco cupcakes are, but they sound dirty and would probably be tasty… dirty but sweet. That seems like an influential mix.

Speaking of influences, are there any local bands that you’re really loving right now?

Dextress… they are tight as fuck.

The last line of your bio says you like to party. Can you give us a good Life Like Fire party story?

How do we pick one!! Well one time we were at Morgans, and Maddy has a tough time there. She “accidentally” gets wasted within minutes of walking in the door. So her and Blake got wasted before we go on stage, and Maddy stumbles her way through the set, while Blake unable to speak just nails it! Maddy almost gets kicked out for making out with a chick on the bar and no longer forms words. Alex, our bass player is holding her up and piggybacking her. With great struggle we get finally get her into the car and she decides she’s gonna try and kick the windshield out. After that she puked on the floor and managed to open the car door and almost fall out while we were driving. We came back home to a house party… dropped Maddy on the floor and decided it was a good idea to take some mushrooms. A friend of ours ended up naked breaking everything so the cops showed up and tasered him in the ass. The night ended with us feeding each other pie in onesies one the kitchen floor. The end.

How would you compare the music scene in your hometown of Calgary to that in other cities?

It’s pretty terrible here for the rock scene… most other cities are better.

What is your favourite city or venue to play at and why?

Morgans in Calgary because it’s rock n roll.

You released a new single called Showtime in January. Can you tell me a bit about the song?

The song was written by Josh and Maddy. Maddy is actually really into hidden messeges. Showtime is actually about a 3 day mushroom/mdma bender she had with Josh at a music festival…. it’s about riding out the high and just enjoying life. You gotta pull yourself together and continue on with the show.

You recently played a show to benefit Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society. What influenced you to be part of that event?

As much as we like to throw our bad ass attitude image out there… our drummer Blake is in love with Pugs and we can’t say no to raising money for the lil sad eyes of creatures in need.

Now you don’t only concentrate on your band, but also on expanding the Calgary scene. Why is that important to you?

It’s important because it seems these days no one is out there to just help you out, everyone wants money. Promoting shows, give them all your money… play for free because the bars can’t part with all the extra money you brought into their venues. We need a better scene and we are trying to get the bands working together again and not against eachother.

What else does Life Like Fire have coming up in 2017 that we can get excited about?

Well we actually just got outta the studio recording a new song called little things. And we also have a cross Canada tour in August!



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