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Deadmau5 is Playing the Most Expensive Drive-In Show Yet, in Toronto.

Deadmau5 is Playing the Most Expensive Drive-In Show Yet, in Toronto.

Deadmau5 has announced a second date in Toronto for his show at City-View Drive-In for this Saturday, August 15 after quickly selling out the previously announced show on Friday, August 14. Like other drive-in shows this one will take place with guests remaining in their cars to maintain safety and social distancing. Tickets for the drive-in show are nothing short of a small fortune, particularly if you’d like to enjoy the show with friends. Tickets are still available for the event here.

2020 has brought with it some very different ideas. It’s a confusing time as we’re all watching the world change before our eyes. Times are uncertain. We’ve been hit with a global pandemic virus, murder hornets, waves of birds and locusts all over the world, shit is getting hotter, social injustice is rampant, it turns out Tom DeLonge was being serious – but, never in my life, have I expected people to pay $250 per ticket to watch a DJ spin on a stage, from the car, through speakers… That said, life is a bit different now and I have yet to attend a drive-in concert myself, so who the hell am I?

That $250 Deadmau5 ticket is only good for you and your date – just an FYI. For a car with 3 occupants, you’re looking at a $300 ticket and a slightly hotter car, and for $370 you can watch your three closest friends get smashed while you gear up the mental energy for the drive home. 

This is the latest – and most expensive I’ve seen – drive-in show to be announced in the past few months, as we readjust to how we do, life-stuff. 

Bristol, UK got a hot air balloon Sky Orchestra, for free… I’m just saying.

The whole situation brings me to my core question… Are people dancing in their cars? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. To be totally fair we’re all processing this whole thing differently and if you feel the need to spend $250 per ticket – good for up to just two people remember – and dance in your cars. Or better yet the car of someone else who’s going to be responsible enough to drive. That’s cool. You do you. 

Deadmau5 is playing at the CityView Drive-In Friday, August 14 and Saturday, August 15 at 6PM. Tickets for Friday’s show are already sold out and no doubt tickets for Saturday are going to go fast. Tickets are available at

Stay safe and party smart!



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