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Air Canada Centre’s 8 Hundred Million Dollar Name Change & Security Updates

Air Canada Centre’s 8 Hundred Million Dollar Name Change & Security Updates

With the fall/winter tour season coming up and the 2017-2018 hockey and basketball seasons upon us, fans are getting geared up to watch their beloved Maple Leafs and Raptors or favourite artists at the Air Canada Centre. But before you head to a game or concert at the renowned Canadian venue, you might want to check out their new security measures.

The Air Canada Centre recently released their new security measures that are in effect as of September 1st. These new measures restrict the size of bags allowed into the venue and remove the in-and-out privileges fans are used to. According to the new policy, bags must be small enough to fit under a venue seat and will be properly inspected if exceptions are to be made for medically necessary items. In addition, once you have exited the venue gates, you will not be allowed back in.

Of course, the changes are leaving fans divided. Some are outraged and saying they refuse to attend games or events at the ACC, including smokers who will now have to sit through a game with no smoke break, and people with families who may have a hard time bringing in bags containing non-medical, necessary items. Others question whether you’re even a real fan if these new policies mean you abandon your team.

The reaction to these security changes may be amplified by the news released in August that the Air Canada Centre will be renamed to the Scotia Bank Arena in July of 2018. The sponsorship agreement is set for 20 years. Air Canada has held the naming rights to the building for 18 years, since it opened in

February of 1999. Despite the name change, Air Canada will remain the official airline partner of both the Maple Leafs and the Raptors under a long-term partnership.

The deal between Scotia Bank and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is said to be worth $800 million and calls for “new philanthropic opportunities” with the MLSE Foundation, and a digital collaboration with Scotiabank Digital Factory.

With so many changes to an iconic Toronto sports and entertainment venue, it’s no wonder Toronto is shaken up, but we’re looking forward to a new era of world-class entertainment and sports in the same building we all know and love.



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