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Marilyn Manson Cancels Toronto Performance

Marilyn Manson Cancels Toronto Performance

Metalheads from all over gathered at the Budweiser Stage tonight for the Twins of Evil Tour featuring Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. Unfortunately, fans were let down when they were told at 8:15 that Marilyn Manson wouldn’t be performing due to unforeseen illness.

People who paid good money to see two metal legends perform together were informed of the situation and told that they would get a full refund only “if you leave right now”, and were forced to choose between seeing Rob Zombie, and getting their money back.

This situation was definitely mishandled, and fans are outraged. A fan in attendance said, “The only reason I paid so much for these tickets is because I was going to see 2 great acts. I knew this was going to happen.” When asked if she would be staying or leaving, she said, “the money is already spent so I’m staying, but I’m pissed and I hope Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie both see this.”

Marilyn Manson’s management have not commented except to post on twitter that he would not be performing due to unforeseen illness and were sure to include that fans there to see Marilyn would get a full refund if they left immediately.

Paying full dollar value for half the show you expected creates a subpar experience at best, and I, personally, hoped to see both performers. I expect outraged fans will likely take to social media to express their anger and rightly so. 

Regardless, we wish Marilyn Manson a speedy and full recovery and we thank Rob Zombie for stepping up under the circumstances.

Budweiser Stage is known for hosting big acts through the summer and many fans attending the Twins of Evil Tour have likely been at the venue for other concerts already, or are planning to attend over the next few months.




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