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New Ones at Noon E56 Tune In Fest Special (Feat. Pink Leather Jackets, Marlon Chaplin, Dani Kristina, Wasting Time, and By OCtopi)

New Ones at Noon E56 Tune In Fest Special (Feat. Pink Leather Jackets, Marlon Chaplin, Dani Kristina, Wasting Time, and By OCtopi)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E56 Tune In Fest Special (Feat. Pink Leather Jackets, Marlon Chaplin, Dani Kristina, Wasting Time, and By OCtopi)

‘What You’re Doing to Me’ by Pink Leather Jackets

Have you ever booked a rock show for your band, only to realize you have no band? That’s what happened to Chirs Woolley back on October 1st 2019. In a wild synchronicity Nathan Colucci was helping his brother Steve move in with his new roommate, Chirs Woolley. Both of whom had just returned from tourining in different bands. One line of conversations about this paid gig up for grabs ended up in the three performing and ultimately forming the base for what with drummer Jordan Zagerman is Pink Leather Jackets. Pink Leather Jackets have performed all over the country and have just released their latest single “What Are You Doing To Me?”. For more information on Pink Leather Jackets visit Facebook

‘Immaculate Reception’ by Marlon Chaplin

Also playing TuneIn Fest on Sunday September 5th, Marlon Chaplin is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada. Since the release of his debut EP ‘Wanderer By Trade’ Chaplin has made a notable niche in the Toronto indie music scene. The artist has been featured on Dropout a number of times as well as outlets such as Now Magazine, Indie88 and the Toronto Guardian. The lockdown didn’t slow Chaplin down and he released a number of singles last year, his latest out this year is called Immaculate Reception. For more information on Marlon Chaplin visit Facebook

‘Habit’ by Dani Kristina

Dani Kristina writes bangers. Kristina has written over 600 songs since being a teenager starting while training as a pianist and a vocalist she has established her place as an up and coming Canadian pop artist and then some. Kristina is on a release streak at the moment following her debut EP last year she’s released a number of singles in 2021 including Gambler and One Night Stand, today we’re taking a listen to the newest addition to Krisitna’s catalog this is Habit by Dani Kristina. For more information on Dani Kristina visit

‘Grew Up’ by Wasting Time

Wasting Time is a four piece melodic punk band from Toronto, Canada. The group sites their influences as bands like Alkaline Trio, No Use for a Name, Blink-182 and Lagwalgon. The band has been active since 2017, they are currently working on a new album they assure will be out soon, and in the meantime they have released a new single called Grow Up. For more information on Wasting Time visit Facebook

‘Orange’ by By Octopi

By Octopi is a Toronto based band that describes their music as a heavy take on a light heart. I would totally suggest taking a second and enjoying this band’s bio, it makes me smile in a good way every time I read it. This part punk rock part metal with a dash of alternative band – and yes that description makes absolute sense – consists of Kyla K, Scott M, Phil M and Kazik K. The band’s music is high energy and I bet it’s going to be a blast to rock out to on Sunday Septmeber 5, in Milton ON at Tune In Fest. The band released their new single Orange, everywhere earlier this year – maybe earlier, regardless it is available now on streaming platforms. This is Orange from By Octopi. For more information on By Octopi visit Spotify To suggest new music for our New Music Mondays Podcast – get in touch Check out more Podcast episodes here  



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