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Charlie Houston’s Debut Single ‘Calls’

Charlie Houston’s Debut Single ‘Calls’

Charlie Houston is a 19-year old singer/songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. The artist has just released her debut single ‘Calls’, a song that has already rounded up over 300,000 streams on Spotify alone since it was released just over a month ago. The song is sweet and rough and speaks to that feeling of knowing something might be over. Her new EP ‘I Hate Spring’ will be out on March 23, 2021. 

I don’t remember exactly what I was doing at the age of 19, but I can assure you it was not something that was touching the lives of just over 80,000 people per month, with only one song. Houston’s new song ‘Calls’ speaks about the unwanted dissolution of a long-distance relationship and speaks to that uncertain part of us that just wants reassurance and security. It’s a visceral message wrapped in a simple and sweet tune.

There’s a lot that happens when a relationship breaks down, and a lot that we wish would happen, that inevitably doesn’t. You can wish for a resolution, you can wish to be ok, but in some cases, we never get one, and nothing is ok. Those are the times when you break down, get the ice cream, or vodka, or vodka with ice cream, what have you, and try to write some tunes. At least that’s how artists do it in my head. 

Houston’s new track comes as a preview to her upcoming album ‘I Hate Spring’ due out in March on Arts & Crafts Records.

The artist describes the album as “bearing her struggles such as mental health issues, romantic heartbreak, first kisses and discovering the fluidity of her sexual identity along the way.”

Working with producer Chris Yonge, ‘I Hate Spring’ features five downtempo pop tracks that no doubt will take listeners along with the artist on a personal journey of self-discovery.

“I just want my songs to be super authentic and address shit that all young people deal with.” – Charlie Houston

Calls’ is an uncomplicated sounding song, and it’s as somber as it needs to be. The song is available now everywhere you stream your music and ‘I Hate Spring’ is available for pre-sale on Bandcamp.



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