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New Ones at Noon E50 (Feat. The Zolas, Johnny No Cash, and Baba No Baby)

New Ones at Noon E50 (Feat. The Zolas, Johnny No Cash, and Baba No Baby)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E50 (Feat. The Zolas, Johnny No Cash, and Baba No Baby)

‘Violence On This Planet’ by The Zolas

You know the world is coming back a little bit at least when I can say stuff like this… The Zoals have officially announced they’ll be going on tour. Like a real one. They will be in Montreal on November 4th, Toronto on November 6, Hamilton on November 12, Calgary on the 19th and Vancouver on November 27. They are making way more stops than that along the way. I’m just not going to list them all here. They might even be coming to your city. For full tour details click here.

Check it out on the google machine. The tour is called, “The Come Back to Life Tour” which is awesome, and seems appropriate. Come Back to Life is also the name of the Zola’s latest album out now on Light Origin Records. This is ‘Violence On This Planet’ from The Zolas new album ‘Come Back To Life’.

For more information on The Zolas visit

‘Rely on the Greed’ by Johnny Nocash

At one point or another we all dream about going off grid. To some degree at least. Survivalists take this particularly seriously and they know we’re all going to feel pretty silly when the robot army uprisings.  For now though I’m talking about that nomadic kind of life that can take you across the country in a van to adventure, freedom and endless possibilities. Toronto Death Country artist Johnny Nocash has done exactly this. After months of lockdown the artist sold all his possessions and has taken to van life in full, and he is even releasing a podcast about his journey. The podcast is called Life with Johnny Nocash and it’s available anywhere you get awesome podcasts – you know like this one. Johnny Nocash has also just released his first solo EP in four years it’s called ‘CH 1’ and it’s out now everywhere you get your music. The artist describes the album as a summing up his mental state in and out of 2020 and 2021 – 2021, so far! – This is what the artist had to say about the new EP

“In today’s cancel culture society it was time to really let things out and not just the gallons of liquor I had consumed over the course of 18 months. Originally, this was to be a full length album but with luck just trailing as usual all files were lost except the 5 songs that make up ‘CH 1’. It’s a bitter sweet way to express this ep as the songs that weren’t lost were the best way to summarize the mental state I was going through. Bitter, raw, honest and straight to the point is exactly how this body of music is executed.”

This is ‘Rely on the Greed’

For more information on Johnny Nocash visit:

‘Boom Bap Shit’ by BABA NO BABY

BABA NO BABY (formerly known as Yung Jalap) is an 18 year old Arabic hip-hop artist from Sydney, Nova Scotia. He recently returned from a stint in Saudi Arabia where he wrote and recorded his new album, ‘Mixed Emotions’. The artist strives to incorporate his Saudi Arabian culture into his music and inspire other young Arabic artists. Ahmed has been recording music since he was 14 and was fuelled by some early success on Soundcloud. I’ve spoken to BABA and he’s got some awesome things to say about his music and his experience recording the album in Saudi. We’re going to try and line up a proper interview really soon, in the meantime here’s a track from his new album ‘Mixed Emotions’ that resonated with me, this is ‘Boom Bap Shit’ 

For more information on BABA NO BABY visit the artist’s Facebook Page

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