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Watch Blankscreen’s abstract new photography video “Passing Over”

Watch Blankscreen’s abstract new photography video “Passing Over”

Beginning with a seizure warning (trust me, it’s there for a reason) Blankscreen’s new video “Passing Over” was filmed in black & white by abstract photographer Nadeem Oudeh and directed by Jordan Lee-Tung.

Here’s a statement from the director

“Inspired by the work of Canadian Avant Garde filmmaker, Arthur Lipsett, we attempt to examine the frailty of thought and the malleability of will. Through the repetition of abstract symbolism, we aim to reveal ourselves as simple creatures with carnal needs; one being the need to believe we are complex beings with unfathomable needs. It is this base yearning for ego that renders us impressionable as children; susceptible to the ego of others.”

Blankscreen noted¬†“We mostly try to keep our songs ambiguous enough that anyone can appreciate their intangible qualities while inserting their own experience into it, [“Passing Over”] deals with fear and the occult, but also themes of isolation and feelings of hopelessness in a social/political landscape that’s all flash and no bang.”



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