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New Ones at Noon E49 (Feat. Moon King, Talk Show Host and an Interview With Mike Damante Author of Punk Rock and UFOs)

New Ones at Noon E49 (Feat. Moon King, Talk Show Host and an Interview With Mike Damante Author of Punk Rock and UFOs)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E49 (Feat. Moon King, Talk Show Host and an Interview With Mike Damante Author of Punk Rock and UFOs)

‘Suvival of the Strongest’ by Moon King

Moon King is the synth pop project by Toronto born Artist Daniel Benjamin. As a teen Benjamin was involved in the city’s DIY music community playing in numerous bands and organizing events like all-night wearhouse concerts and all-night concerts on Toronto Island. Wait, what? Where was I for this.

The Moon King project is that kind of dream pop music that you can love to, cry to and even have on while the parents are visiting. The artists new single is called Survival of The Strongest and the artist had this to say about the track. 

“I’ve become fascinated with actors, auditioning, ‘trying to get the part’. Things that might seem silly in a high school drama class, but stay with you. Learning how to perform – whether that’s onstage, online, or for a job.”

For more information on Moon King visit Bandcamp

‘PUNK ROCK AND UFOs’ (Book) by Mike Damante

 If you’re a fan of the show you might have picked up my interest in the ongoing UFO news that keeps, slowly being published by credible outlets like the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Toronto Star and pretty much – to some degree – every other news outlet. Fascinating stories of Navy pilots encountering objects they can’t identify, moving in ways that defy what we know of physics. I guess we don’t know enough yet… as I mentioned I stumbled across an excellent book recently and because of the parallels with music I reached out to the author who agreed to meet me on a call for an interview. Full disclosure, I actually didn’t know that this author had written three books on the subject of the UFO phenomenon. At the time of this interview, I had only read the first, I’m currently almost finished the second and can’t wait to start the third. Mike Demante is a music journalist in Houston Texas, he’s a writer for the defence website and he’s the Author of Punk Rock and UFOs: Cryptozoology Meets Anarchy, True Believers, and Punk Rock and UFOs: Stranger than Fiction. This is part of my interview with Mike Demante, the extended interview will be released later this week as a stand-alone special episode.

For more information on Mike Damante visit:

‘Warmest Condolences’ by Talk Show Host

Talk Show Host is an indie punk rock trio from Toronto, Canada who’ve just released their debut LP. The band has been a Toronto indie music staple for a while now. Their debut album is called Mid Century Modern and it’s out now on Wiretap records and available anyplace you get your music. This is Warmest Condolences by Talk Show Host. 

For more information on Talk Show Host visit:

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