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Toronto’s Nelson Sobral Releases Genre-Spanning New Single & Lyric Video “Pendulum”

Toronto’s Nelson Sobral Releases Genre-Spanning New Single & Lyric Video “Pendulum”

Love is complicated, but whether or not you should give Nelson Sobrals latest single ‘Pendulum’ a spin is a no brainer! “Pendulum”, the latest single from Toronto-based Nelson Sobral, is a genre-spanning journey through love and heartbreak, transforming some of life and love’s toughest moments into a raucous celebration, perfect for the hours between midnight and the early morning. “Pendulum” exemplifies Sobral’s effortless shift between country, soul, blues, and rock’n’roll. This is one of those songs that makes me extra bummed out that a year later live music still isn’t back, this would go perfectly with a whiskey and a barroom dance floor. If you’ve ever been in a toxic or on again off again relationship, there’s a fair chance this track will hit close to home.

“Pendulum’ is about the kind of back and forth relationship that we’ve all been a part of, but just can’t seem to get out of,” Sobral describes. “We’ve all been in those relationships that we know are no good. Maybe something clicks with the heart, but you’re poison for each other in every other way.”

Why do we stay in those relationships and when do we know when it’s over? This song may not solve all your relationship problems, but Sobral sums up the emotions of that thought process quite well in this track. The song itself is like a pendulum, not concentrating on the great parts of a relationship, or just on the negative aspects, but swinging back and forth between the two emotions and taking the listener with it for a ride. Although the lyrical content isn’t about the brightest of subjects, the song itself shines brightly, with a massive bluesy, country, rock n roll sound that will be stuck with you all day. Sorbrals unique and distinct voice serve the track, ranging from a raspy rock tone during the first verse to the beautifully layered, country tinged and powerful harmonies that come in during the chorus. And you’ll be even more impressed by the instrumentation after I tell you this next fact. Pendulum was co-written with singer-songwriter Mattie Leon (Inside Pocket / Warner Music Canada) who also plays organ on the track and accompanied by the talented Selcuk Suna on horns (a member of The Royal Conservatory’s New Canadian Global Music Orchestra) , but asides for that Sobral plays every other instrument himself on this breakthrough track! Another surprising fact about this song is that it will likely be stuck in your head for much longer than it took to be written!

“Pendulum dropped into my lap one day as I was heading out the door and I had to drop everything to grab a guitar and write the song before it disappeared. The chorus & verses were all written within 5-10mins. but as much as the song was done it felt like it was still missing something…it needed a bridge but everything I came up with fell flat so I decided to toss the song over to Mattie Leon and see if it sparked anything in him. Within a day he sent back the bridge as it appears in the song, chords, lyrics and all and he even sings all the angelic harmonies on the bridge.”

Sobral notes the song practically wrote itself and boy are we glad it did! ‘Pendulum is sure to make a great addition to your weekend! Just released today, “Pendulum” will prove to be an audience-wrangler of a song as it makes its way along the boundless and curving highways of the world.

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