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“Holy Moly”! Rayray drops latest single and accompanying music video

“Holy Moly”! Rayray drops latest single and accompanying music video

Rayray’s new single and music video “Holy Moly ” dropped the other day and it perfectly shows what the emerging artist is all about. With melodic hooks and in-your-face verses, it gives a great encapsulation of his musical stylings.

19-year-old Toronto-based artist Rayray might be young but he isn’t new on the scene. Rayray’s been steadily releasing music for over a year now and writing for even longer finding music as a creative outlet as a kid. Stylistically speaking Rayray likes to blend a lot of the melodies and sounds found in R&B and mix them with harder rap styles. When asked about the music he had this to say “I want my music to be both an inspiration and to make others feel good through the melodic beats and freestyle.” Giving us a look into how he views his music and the way with which he approaches making anything new.

The actual video featuring another local artist DJ Snoopy (who rocks a dope jacket later on) starts with the pair casually picking up a new presidential rollie, no prices ASKED. The video then begins and we dive straight into the track. Featuring a choreographed dance that I could easily see finding a lane on TikTok, it’s an entertaining and well-edited music video that gives a great visual to the track. Flexing from beginning to end Rayray crushes the video and demonstrates why he’s someone you should be keeping an eye on.

The track itself has a super catchy chorus with solid verses to support it (I’m writing this the day after listening to it for the first time and I can still sing it from top to bottom). Coming from such a young artist you can see all the potential and the makings of someone who can make a name for himself. You can also hear his confidence in the lyrics and how he delivers them because Rayray has been writing for some time now and he means to make a push in the music industry. DJ Snoopy comes in for a quick 16 perfectly giving the track the exact energy and sound it needed completing the song from beginning to end.

Both together are super fun and will stick in your head all day. They were produced, directed, and written very well with a very clear creative vision.

All this coming from such a young artist paints him as someone to watch in the future. Having already carved a lane for himself in the local scene, it’s only a matter of time before he really breaks through and expands his reach.

Most recently for Rayray is his latest EP “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” that just released! Check him out on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter to learn more, and stay tuned to when Rayray drops his next project.



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