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New Ones at Noon E54 (Feat. Shauna Seeteenak, Basement Revolver, and Rejected Gentlemen)

New Ones at Noon E54 (Feat. Shauna Seeteenak, Basement Revolver, and Rejected Gentlemen)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E54 (Feat. Shauna Seeteenak, Basement Revolver, and Rejected Gentlemen)

‘See the Light’ by Shauna Seeteenak

Inuk hip-hop artist Shauna Seeteenak has just dropped a new single and preview of her upcoming debut album ‘Therapy Sessions’. The single is called ‘See the Light’. The release sees the artist focus her music to tell the truthful stories of the struggles that Inuit people feel every day. These truths as described by the artist include struggles with mental health, sobriety, breaking stereotypes, breaking down barriers, sieving if the North and trying to heal. According to a press release in the song the artist speaks directly to the thousands of young Inuit whose parents were taken away to residential schools and reassures them “I know you’ve been hurt before. I want you to know it’s not your fault. Keep fighting for us. Someday we’re going to see the light”. For more information on Shauna Seeteenak visit her on Twitter

‘Skin’ by Basement Revolver

Hamilton indie dream rock group Basement Revolver recently released their new single ‘Skin’, the first song from their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Embody’. The band describes the track in a press release as:
“…a self-aware slow burn. Desperate to feel like her body was okay or good enough, Chrisy was perched on the edge of a dock when this song began tumbling out. The first time she has ever explicitly written about the struggles she feels with her body, ‘Skin’ has helped Chrisy love the parts of her body that have often been scrutinized in the mirror.”
The record, expected in 2022, finds the band grappling with issues of “identity, faith, mental illness, and sexuality.” For more information on Basement Revolver visit

‘Petrified Sunshine’ by Rejected Gentlemen

East coast brother’s Bo Snow and Joe Snow moved to Toronto a number of years ago and after several attempts at making music together only to be met with the hurdles of life along the way, the two eventually connected with drummer Itmar Arce, and Rejected Gentlemen was officially a band. When you think of music from two brothers from the East coast of Canada hard rock isn’t generally what you would expect, at least not at first. If you dig a little deeper you find an East coast rock scene that helped inspire the brothers to write, and to ultimately form the band. I sat down with Joe Snow over Zoom to chat about the band, rock music on the East Coast and their new track ‘Petrified Sunshine’ For more information on Rejected Gentlemen t visit To suggest new music for our New Music Mondays Podcast – get in touch Check out more Podcast episodes here  



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