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Radium Moon’s New Music Video for Supersonic Jesus

Radium Moon’s New Music Video for Supersonic Jesus

Radium Moon’s new music video for their hit single ‘Supersonic Jesus’ just released and it’ll have you head banging all the way through.

Radium Moon is an alt-rock trio formed in 2019 in Montreal, Canada. Co-fronted by Sandrine Chouinard on vocals and bass and Brandon Muir on vocals and guitar. With backing from the talented Raphael Poletti on drums, the three form Radium Moon! Radium Moon experiments with a lot of different sounds sonically and blends them to create a very unique sound that isn’t quite like anything you’ve heard!

The trio released their first single in March of 2020 followed by their self-titled debut EP in June of 2020. ‘Supersonic Jesus’ being their latest release which came out in late 2020 told the story of someone who hit their head and thought they were following ‘Supersonic Jesus’ when in fact who knows who they were following.

The visuals do a great job of pulling you even more into the story than the lyrics already do and keep you really invested in the tale. Also not to spoil the end but it’s a great laugh! Very different from what I had imagined in my head when I first heard the song.

The music video itself was done really well, by an artist named Thomas Talus, using a great art style that simply and effectively adds depth and cohesion to a story. Moving from scene to scene all the while following a straight storied path the visual storytelling and animations were a great success! 

When the single was released we at dropout had the opportunity to interview the trio and go more in depth about ‘supersonic jesus’ and it’s a great listen, check it out here.

The band mentioned the point of the story was that not everything is as it seems and by extension people are not always as they portray themselves. The band went into further detail talking about how you can’t always trust exactly what you see, the only thing you can be sure of is yourself. Heavy stuff but there’s definitely some truth in there!




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