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Bad Magic – Miss Romona (Music Video)

Bad Magic – Miss Romona (Music Video)

We’re in the midst of wrapping up the 2019 Canadian Independent Music Video Awards and as it gets bigger we get more requests from bands we either didn’t find or who didn’t find us, in time for the nomination deadline. Such is life in the award world. We can only move on with our heads up and continue the best we can. Even when we find ourselves hung from a tree, in the night in the woods. 

There’s something about this modern-indie-folk-rock-music the kids are listening to that I’m all about right now, and that’s why I wanted to write a post about Bad Magic and their most recent video (circa 2019) Miss Ramona. Which we didn’t receive in-time to include in the awards, but I did think was worth highlighting because it’s good. Very good actually. 

These guys have a great west-coast sound – which makes sense since they’re based in Vancouver – and are reminiscent of The Dead South, but with more whiskey, guns, and trees if that’s possible. In the sound I mean, I can hear the essence of whiskey, guns, and trees in the actual music.



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Benjamin is a Graphic Designer and Creative Director in Toronto, Canada. He has worked on projects for Arkells, Broken Social Scene, and Paul Oakenfold. instagram: @ben_in_toronto

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