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Mobius Radio & Dr. Draw Team Up To Release “The Jake Revival”

Mobius Radio & Dr. Draw Team Up To Release “The Jake Revival”

Toronto’s Mobius Radio and renowned violinist Dr. Draw have teamed up to create a really fun music video for their new track “The Jake Revival”. If you’re looking for a combination of incredible musical talent and a not so serious music to start off your week this is just the thing. Based in Toronto’s Lynx Rehearsal Studios, the video shows the viewers clips the trio brainstorming potential music video music ideas, from 80’s hair metal, to a western shoot-out, to a fan sing a long. I think this will hit close to home for any artist who’s even attempted a music video during the pandemic, and will be sure to put a smile on any viewers face. The music video is super fun, but when you take a closer look at what’s being played, that’s when shit gets serious. Dr. Draw delivers some incredible musical passages on one of the coolest looking violins I’ve seen in a while, combined with Hennessy’s intricate guitar licks it makes for the quite the sonic journey in itself, no lyrics required.

Ever since Mobius Radio’s Dylan Hennessy performed “Jake” by Dr Draw with him in Montreal in 2017, Dylan knew he wanted to do something more with it. The two musicians have played many shows together over the years, from large stages like Dundas Square to ambush street raves for Nuit Blanche. The two recognize in each other a similar musicianship; equal parts respecting conventions of the craft, and just how to break those conventions.

“Eugene (Dr. Draw) approached me last summer about doing a remix of Jake” Dylan explains. “I was so excited! I love the original, but it’s very ambient in nature, so I wondered how I would approach this. Over the next few days an entirely new feel for the piece emerged that had huge heavy guitars juxtaposed against uplifting strings over an electronic beat. I really liked the direction it was going, and so did Eugene!” Eugene knew he wanted to have a video for the new version of his song. He explains, “I’ve been getting tired of doing videos that are so serious all the time, I wanted to do something that was just light hearted and goofy.”

Trying to figure out what to do for the video became the video’s theme in the end Dylan says. “Me and Alex Van Briggle (drums) stayed up a few nights brainstorming a video concept. We landed on a video that, in fact, shows the three of us brainstorming what to make for our music video. We took our ideas to Lynx rehearsal space for the shoot and…Holy crap did we ever have a fun time filming this thing. We were laughing ourselves to tears at our shenanigans. It was awesome, and I really think the end product reflects what a good time we all had together and how fun making music is.”

“The Jake Revival” is a piece that Dylan says really felt truly collaborative. “With rehearsals and studio being so difficult to manage safely this last year, I’ve been producing almost everything for Mobius Radio on my own, which doesn’t feel great when you are part of a band creating the music. But Alex was able to program all his drum parts for this one, and Eugene recorded brand new parts. Not to mention, there are plenty of samples from the original song’s producer ACOTE. This is the kind of pandemic collaboration I was hoping to do.”

“The Jake Revival” is now available on all major online streaming services. Click below to watch “The Jake Revival” and for all other information you can find Mobius Radio on Facebook/Instagram, or visit

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