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Display of Decay Release “The Butcher” off upcoming album “Vitriol”

Display of Decay Release “The Butcher” off upcoming album “Vitriol”

Display of Decay has been a cornerstone of the underground Canadian death metal scene for over a decade, having released five recordings (two eps and 3 albums) in that time, touring extensively, and making appearances at several festivals in Canada and the US. They have once again returned to the studio, to dish out another hefty serving of fast riffs, groovy bass lines, and thunderous gutturals as their fourth full-length “Vitriol” (Mixed & Mastered by Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy) to be released in October of this year. While fans wait to sink their teeth into what promises to be a juicy offering of death metal, they can whet their appetites with the single “The Butcher”. The band shares their thoughts on the song and its nerdy ties:

“The Butcher is the most dynamic song on the record. Its tempo fluctuates so much throughout to build up with the story behind the song. Initially, it started out as someone who was taken hostage and held against their will, soon to be burned alive, but we couldn’t help but draw reference to Diablo’s notorious Butcher who’s been featured in several of their games. The sheer heaviness of that intro and the catchiness of the chorus is guaranteed to turn heads and blow minds.”

The album “Vitriol” was born of rage and spite fueled further by the chaos and uncertainty felt worldwide over the last few years. The lyrical content covers a variety of topics ranging from pop culture references like Diablo & Mass Effect to darker undertones of the mainstream media’s obsession with school shootings and other acts of senseless violence that are continuously looped for ratings evidently posing a risk of reproduction. Each song is delivered with precision and relentless brutality, a cumulation of both new-school and old-school American death metal.

Line up for slaughter, “The Butcher” lyric video is out now, and “Vitriol” will arrive on October 20, 20th via Gore House Productions. It is recommended for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, and Immolation.



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