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Music Pro Summit Day 3 Schedule

Music Pro Summit Day 3 Schedule

Music Pro Summit Day 3 – Thurs Sept 7 Schedule

10 AM • Connect & Create: Opportunity Awaits in Every Meeting (6 minute speed meetings)
11 AM • From Followers to Fans: Cultivating Fandom through Deep Engagement and Creating Immersive Experiences for Loyalty
12 PM • Music Works Registration & Your Meta Data: A Conversation with CMRRA’s Andrea England
1 PM • Immersive Futures: Exploring AI, VR, and AR in the New Creative Ecosystem
2 PM • The Future of Radio: A Candid Conversation with radio legend David Marsden on Radio’s Next Chapter in the digital age.
3 PM • Embrace the Future with dynamic new Careers in the Ever-Evolving Music Industry!
4 PM • Music Pro Summit OFFICIAL CLOSING

Music Pro Summit is the premier gathering for high-level music business strategy, bringing togetherindustry leaders and visionaries to explore the forefront of music monetization, production, and innovation. Delve into the strategies that drive success in today’s music landscape.

Discover the latest trends and emerging opportunities in the music industry, as we explore groundbreaking strategies for navigating the ever-evolving business landscape. From pioneering monetization models to cutting-edge production techniques, Music Pro Summit offers a deep dive into the strategies that empower artists, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs to thrive in the music business.

“We have to look at the new opportunities that are being presented, and I believe that this is an amazing time for businesses and artists to grow at an explosive rate with an engaged global online audience. Live streaming, gaming,VR, and AI, are going to play an integral role.”
-Darryl Hurs (Founder of Indie Week)



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