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Haidee Releases Debut Album “This Shouldn’t Be Typical”

Haidee Releases Debut Album “This Shouldn’t Be Typical”

Edmonton pop artist Haidee has just released her debut album “This Shouldn’t Be Typical”.

“During the pandemic, there was increased violence against the Asian community. I wanted to uplift our voices and experiences through a song.

Typical is inspired by my experiences, and my family’s, as first-generation immigrants here in Canada. I’ve watched my parents go from being prominent members of our community back home in the Philippines to moving to Edmonton, Alberta, starting all over again with next to nothing. I appreciate all their sacrifices so I told myself I will not write songs just for me, but for the communities I belong to as well.

I wanted this song to be a collaboration between another person of colour so I reached out to Josh Sahunta to write a song about this topic. He sent me a voice memo of the beginning of this song and I am so grateful that he trusted me to co-write it with him.

I wanted to share parts of my life that shaped me to who I am today. Whether that was good or bad, easy or hard, I tried to be as honest as possible to make music that could potentially help someone feel like they’re not alone.

I hope that when people listen to This Shouldn’t Be Typical, they find a song that speaks to them and they feel like they have a friend. This is my life so far. It’s both beautiful and frankly it has also been unpleasant. I’m learning to embrace the complexities of being a first-generation immigrant and woman of colour in the music industry and living in Canada.”



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