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The Hirst Brothers Will Get You On Your Feet With Their New Album “Groove Town”

The Hirst Brothers Will Get You On Your Feet With Their New Album “Groove Town”

The Hirst Brothers recently released their debut EP Groove Town, and if you’re looking to add some feel good music that will get your feet moving to your weekend, I definitely recommend giving it a spin! With inspirations from Still Woozy, Outkast, and No Suits – Groove Town flawlessly combines different genres including Hip-Hop and Funk influences alongside the typical rock and guitar-based instrumentation. Combining that groovy sound with some great lyrics, the EP is fresh, fun, and exciting and keeps you hooked the whole way through. The EP starts with their single “Nah!” which tackles the issues of social media and fake personalities/artists in today’s climate. 

“Nah!” considers insecurities about the music industry and refusing to be inauthentic just to gain attention. Transparency, authenticity, and humility are what the Hirst Brothers are all about.” – Johnny Hirst
“It’s about time we start to encourage people to be themselves – not what you think people want to see or hear – but your truest, most authentic self” – Mark Hirst

Click below to watch the video for Nah! and keep scrolling to hear the rest of the album

The second track of the EP is “Lakeside”, which is going to make you hope summer get’s here sooner than later. We can’t get to the Lakeside just yet (well we could but you know what that’s like in Canada in the winter), but this track will transport you there in the meantime! The song features a super groovy bassline, and some great vocal deliveries, the layering on this track makes for a great listen, reminding me of when I first started listening to RHCP, and having no clue what was around the corner but knowing it was going to be good. The third track “Fresh”, will be leaving you too wanting to look fresh for that special someone in your life. One of the things I love about this EP, is that even though the songs keep a similair sound, with the way The Hirst Brothers mix genres each song feels like it’s taking you on a new adventure. This one takes a more hip hop approach to the verse, while taking an old school pop/rock feel to the chorus, with singer Johnny Hirst really laying it all out on this one. The final track Take The Dive slows things down a bit, with an erethreal sounding intro drawing you in before that wah filled bass line and guitar lick keeps you hooked for the rest of the ride. Take The Dive is the perfect way to end the experience that was Groove Town, an EP that keeps it’s groove from start to finish while taking you on a musical journey that transcends genres. Click below to listen to the entirety of Groove Town and visit to learn more about The Hirst Brothers.



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