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TEENAGE DREAMER – Velvet code (Live Quarantine Video)

TEENAGE DREAMER – Velvet code (Live Quarantine Video)

Covid 19 has put a halt on most music video production in Canada, but Velvet Code hasn’t let it stop him. The award-winning Electronic Music Artist, DJ, Radio Host, Producer and Songwriter known for his heavy 80’s musical influences and addictive dance floor tracks just dropped a new video for his song “Teenage Dreamer”, featuring just himself and a greenscreen.

It was recorded directly from a livestream during a period of quarantine, out of the comfort of Velvet Code’s own minimalistic home studio with James Forrester behind the camera. It’s amazing to see the creative ways artists like Velvet Code are overcoming content obstacles, I think this was a genius and safe way to not only interact with his fans but to put out a new video during this… and apparently I’m not the only one because it’s been getting a ton of love! In its first 72 hours of coming out the video had already amassed over 100,000 views.

In talking about the track, Velvet Code said that during these hard months, he wanted to put out a song that empowered listeners to keep dreaming big and to never give up. He said Teenage Dreamer embodies the joy and happiness he’d like to impart on his amazing supporters as they navigate through these hard times.

Messages like this seem more important than ever, we’ve all had our down days during the pandemic and it’s great to have artists like Velvet Code putting in the work to keep peoples spirits up and believing in themselves. If you’re a fan of the video and are looking for more, you’re in luck! Velvet Code has been live streaming frequently over the course of the pandemic, and he’s got another one coming up tomorrow at 3 PM! Follow him at the link to below to tune in.



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