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Mandolynne Releases Ethereal Synth Ballad “Scene Of The Crime”

Mandolynne Releases Ethereal Synth Ballad “Scene Of The Crime”

Prince Edward Country indie-electronic artist Mandolynne has recently released her latest single “Scene of The Crime”.  Scene of The Crime is a song off of Mandolynne’s upcoming debut EP Mother” set to debut in 2022. Through each piece she explores her tumultuous childhood, sexual abuse, and growing up within the foster care system. This song is a reflective nod to her past. Mandolynne describes the song as

“An ethereal, synth ballad that unlocks doors of the past. Reminiscent of stepping into your childhood home, examining its inner workings, dancing with your ghosts, listening to each creek and feeling how it shaped the trajectory of your story. Bury the regrets of your past in the floorboards, accept what is, forgive what can’t be and proceed.”

The song starts off very soft, with only a piano and Mandolynnes voice, which draws you right in with it’s spacey tone, making you feel as though you don’t even want another instrument in there so you can really let the lyrics sink in.

“When you go back home

Sit around with ghosts,

Be sure to take your time

And study the scene of the crime”

Over the course of the pandemic, a lot of us finally had the time to stop, sit down and reflect on our lives. Introspection is important, but for a lot of us, it’s more comfortable to simply not think about some parts of our lives, or the ghosts we’ve left behind.  “Scene of The Crime” talks about coming face to face with your past, and making sure to take the time to truly look at it.

As this dynamic track song builds around the lyrics, you’re engulfed in a wave of drone filled electronic indie music that seems to move right through you. It’s hard to move forward when you haven’t confronted the past, and this song brings you into a sonic atmosphere that really makes you want to take the time to think about what your own scene looks like. Click below to listen to “Scene of The Crime” and keep scrolling to learn more about Mandolynne and how to presave her upcoming single.

About Mandolynne

Mandolynne is an emerging indie-alternative artist from Prince Edward County, Ontario. Since 2017 Mandolynne has been a part of multiple music projects playing The Horseshoe Tavern, The Rivoli, and Mississauga’s RTC Festival. In 2019, she made her solo debut at Make Music Matter, Healing in Harmony show, to raise funding for music programming for survivors of sexual violence in war-torn countries.  

Mandolynne met with a string of tragedies from a young age, used writing as a tactile way to explore her dark thoughts and verbalize her internal reactions to her surroundings. Her lyrics are a direct reflection of her lived experiences and have enabled her to face many demons, including sexual assaults, a tragic car accident, as well as her troubled and dysfunctional upbringing.

Mandolynne uses each piece as a way to process these events and has found healing during the process. Her raw and pointed approach to her upcoming project may help others to explore such thoughts and shared lived experiences within themselves. Her unique, soulful tone floats over instrumentals like a moody wave. For lovers of Metric, Sharon Van Etten, Cat Power, Kandle, and Placebo, her music is sure to resonate. 

On October 8th Mandolynne will be releasing her new single SCREAM. She says “This song took only a few minutes to write, but years to feel comfortable enough to share. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared shitless to share this one, but here we are. I can’t wait for you to hear it.”

You can presave “Scream” as well as find Mandolynne’s music and socials by clicking the link below!




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