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“Floating on Glass” by Jeremy Voltz

“Floating on Glass” by Jeremy Voltz

Toronto artist and self-described burned-out mathematician Jeremy Voltz has released a new video for his song ‘Floating on Glass’ a song composed of 86 separate acapella tracks layered on top of one another. The video was produced by the award-winning multidisciplinary artist Brian Michael Jensen. ‘Floating on Glass’ is out everywhere now.

Voltz describes his music as being inspired by thinking deeply about the people in his life and what he’d love to have the courage to say to them. I’ve been listening to Voltz music for an hour or so now just to get familiar and I would hope the people in his life are as least as grateful as I am for the great music. The artist has a chill and inspirational vibe and it’s easy to see why his music is described as indie-soul.

As a vocalist, Voltz has performed for huge crowds on some of Toronto’s biggest stages, including the Sony Centre, NXNE, Nathan Phillips Square, Koerner Hall, and live on the CBC at the Glenn Gould Studio.

‘Floating on Glass’ consists of nothing but Voltz’s vocals. 86 tracks of vocals to be exact. Vocal drums, vocal bass, vocal harmonies, and vocal melodies, composing a hypnotic sounding track, and it’s easy to forget at times there is nothing but Voltz’s voice.

The new single is accompanied by a music video created by award-winning multidisciplinary artist Brian Michael Jensen, who leverages visual effects and features Voltz in a dreamy neon landscape of reflection and isolation. A reflection of the time I suppose.

Voltz had this to say about the track “With ‘Floating on Glass’ I wanted to capture the odd feeling of calm after an argument, like drifting on a glassy sea after the wind dies.”

Capturing a feeling like that is exactly what the track does. The vocal tracks themselves seem to add to this sense of isolation as they to me reflect a bit of that headspace you can get into after a conflict when all your thoughts overlap on themselves and you wonder what you could have done differently, what you could have done better. Then you buy flowers.

‘Floating on Glass’ is available in all the places you get your music.




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