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New Ones at Noon E38 (Feat. Sook-Yin Lee, The Royal Foundry and Your Paris)

New Ones at Noon E38 (Feat. Sook-Yin Lee, The Royal Foundry and Your Paris)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E38 (Feat. Sook-Yin Lee, The Royal Foundry and Your Paris)

Okay? by The Royal Foundry

Sometimes life is brutal. That’s how life rolls and we’ve all got to bite the leather and accept it for what it is. In the best case scenario we can hope that the people in our life care enough to help us keep our heads above water. Nice words help so does sentiment. I’d like to formally apologize to myself at this point for not being able to play the chello.

It’s going to be ok. This is a phrase I think we could all do with a bit more of a dose of – so to speak. ‘Okay’ by The Royal Foundry was first released as a single from the band’s album ‘Wakeup Wakeup’ from 2019. It’s a great great song. The Royal Foundry is one of those bands that writes songs, that when you hear them you’re all like, “wow, who’s this?” at a party or something. The best part about this song for me is the beginning. The first line poses the most fundamental existential question that I’ve ever posed to myself. “Am I doing this right?” I’m probably not. I doubt many of us are but I also doubt that many of us are doing this thing called life wrong either, in any real sense of the word. For the most part. 

We’re doing nothing but our best and one of the coolest pieces of advice I’ve gotten in a while is to assume good intentions. It’s a hard prospect sometimes when you’re dealing with other humans. Other humans are of course total lunatics through and through. If you can at least try your best to assume – and I know that assumptions make asses out of you and me of course – still though if you assume good intentions it can make a load of difference. 

The Royal Foundry is Canada’s undiscovered Coldplay – imo – and I don’t throw that around lightly –  I’m sure they would probably hate me saying it a little bit, but it’s wildly true and i hope you see what i’m saying in a moment.. I hope The Royal Foundry reminds you as they do me that life is bigger than yourself. 

The duo first released their album ‘Wakeup Wakeup’ in 2019. The album featured an incredible single called ‘Okay’. The band has recently re-released that song as an acoustic track and between the lyrics and the chello – I think – it’s one of the most uplifting, heartbreaking and beautiful tracks I’ve heard in a time that is nothing less than absolutely exhausting. 

This is the acoustic version of ‘Okay?’ Released this year – by The Royal Foundry.

For more information on The Royal Foundry visit their website:

Run Away With Her by Sook-Yin Lee and Adam Litovitz

Sook-yin Lee is a renowned Canadian broadcaster, film director, actor and musician. Adam Litovits was an incredible Canadian musician and composer who won a Genie award for his work on Lee’s film ‘Year of the Carnivore’ starring a wonderful actor by the name of Cristian Miaottie. On a side note If you haven’t seen ‘Year of the Carnivore’ I highly recommend it as a charming, funny and sincere story about a couple with varying degrees of sexual experience and their efforts to reconcile with that on their own terms.

Lee and Litovits were partners and best friends in work and in life. The two released their first album under the band name JOOJ in 2015. The two we’re working on a second album in 2019 when Litovits was offered a gig scoring a Netflix series. The pair agreed Lee would continue with the album without him so he could focus on his new job. Unfortunately shortly after this, Litovits lost his battle with depression, with his own mental health and took his own life. Litovits was 36 years old.

This is the first interview Lee has given about the new album and I’m honoured she was willing to talk with me about it. The album is being released under her own name and the name of Adam Litovits. The album is called ‘Jooj Two’ and it’s due out April 9, 2021. Lee hopes it will serve as a tribute to her late friend, lover and partner. I sat down with Sook-Yin Lee to discuss ‘Jooj Two’, her work with Litovits, the horrible experience of losing him, and why finishing the album was important. 

This is a heavy interview and it may be hard to hear for some people. Lee and I agreed we would include this trigger warning before presenting the interview itself. If you are depressed or worse even considering harming yourself, talk to someone. It could be a doctor, it could be a parent or it could be a friend. We have included a list of resources in the description of this show if you’re looking for someone to reach out to. If you’re sensitive to these kinds of topics maybe skip listening to this interview.

This is the new one by Sook-Yin Lee and Adam Litovits.

If you or someone you know is going through a crisis please consider reaching out to one of the following resources:

Canada Suicide Prevention Service – 1-833-456-4566

Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868

Redbone by Your Paris

Your Paris is still in love. It’s the reason that I’m ending this show on what I can only hope is a positive note brought on by the presence of this awesome Kingston duo and the legendary influence of Daniel Glover, and yeah that’s a thing – the guy from Community – has he gotten awards and shit yet? I have not searched him on Camio yet and I should. I just did that and was a no-go lol. That dude is a hero. I’ve had the pleasure of featuring Your Paris on the show before and the duo has nothing more than the best of the best Canadian pop/R&B. Your Paris is the collective effort of Nick Babcock and Laila Kharouba. The two describe Your Paris as either hearing about their love story or their breakup. 

This is Redbone written by Childish Gambino and performed by Your Paris

For more information on Your Paris visit:

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