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New Ones at Noon E42 (Feat. Queens & Kings, Pusher, and Robinson Kirby)

New Ones at Noon E42 (Feat. Queens & Kings, Pusher, and Robinson Kirby)
New Music Mondays
New Music Mondays
New Ones at Noon E42 (Feat. Queens & Kings, Pusher, and Robinson Kirby)

Queens & Kings

Queens & Kings is Toronto’s own post-punk-garage-rock duo that is the product of fight, a symbol of resilience and an emblem of victory. For 8 years Brendan and Alissa struggled with their own projects, their health as well as their relationship with each other. The on and off again “officially a couple” status is way beyond the power of the connection these two human beings have for each other. When the world comes back to life and if you have the opportunity to catch Queens & Kings in person I could not suggest checking that out enough. They play a killer show, and the internet just doesn’t do it justice. As I mentioned before, relationships are hard, and best ones, the strongest ones, when two strong people love each other with all the passion and fire that that comes with – those relationships take lots and lots of work. Trust me on that one. This is the new one From Queens & Kings, this is ‘Going Through Hell’

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I Could Give it Up by Pusher

Toronto born music producer Marty Bernie AKA Pusher made his splash on to the Toronto Pop music scene with his shiny and colourful sounds. His 2016 and 2018 EPs ‘New Laces’ and ‘Paperman’ were widely supported by tastemakers and press including Billboard, Majestic Casual and Paper Mag. Pusher is back with his new album out this year called ‘Stay at Home DJ’ and he’s just dropped the first single from that album ‘I Could Give It Up’. This is my interview with Toronto artist Pusher. 

The article I’m referencing in this interview is How The Music Industry Is Brainwashing You To Like Bad Pop Songs’ and it was originally published on, take a read it’s pretty interesting and keep listening to independent music.

For more on Pusher visit the artists Facebook Page

Find a Way by Robinson Kirby

Robinson Kirby is a duo from Toronto Canada consisting of Madelyn Kirby and Luke Robinson. The two met at Berklee College of Music and have been writing and playing together ever since. Their new album ‘Little Dreams’ is a collaboration of songs they wrote while studying together at the school and living in Los Angeles. The album conceptually is about love, the search for a real connection and finding your own place in the world. Something we all need to take seriously at some point if we haven’t already. Then maybe again later anyways. This is ‘Find A Way’ by Robinson Kirby.

For more information on Robinson Kirby visit:

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